Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why I Decided to Stop Doing Reiki Treatments

Hello Friends

It has been such a long time since my last blog post. I have to say I have been sorting through my journey in this world with meticulous scrutiny. It brought me to this place I call Reiki. I believe in the beauty of devotion and wanderlust as a way to transform the lives of people. Reiki seemed to be doing this and I was happy to oblige the ambiguous energy and relay that to others.

Then I got very sick. 
I explored the reason with the doctor and after many sleepless nights, tests, and results that warranted very little as an answer...I was left with
 "What is this that is wrong with me?"

During this time, I continued to do Reiki sessions for my clients. I began to notice that many of them were having anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, that was the reason that they had been drawn to Reiki. They were seeking help in clearing the Chakra system and controlling the panic attacks.

It came to my attention, after hearing many symptoms from my clients, that I was experiencing the same symptoms. I believed at some points during my time being sick that I did believe I might be dying.

Thursday evening last week, I ran into my little sister. Although we live in the same town, we do not talk and we do not see one another. 
And after almost two years of not seeing her, there she was.
When she embraced me with a hug, I was taken aback.
She then proceeded to tell me that she had been meaning to get in touch with me for quite some time. She told me that she does not have a lot of time left.

I have been in a slight state of denial since then.
I kind of cursed the powers that be for this, you know.
I wondered if it was really true.
I pondered if there was anyway to save her.
Mostly, I have just sat silently and thought about it all.

I finally came to a decision.

I would stop doing Reiki.

Everything inside me says that Reiki is causing a lot of issues for me physically. I feel that it is time to stop giving clients treatments and take care of myself. I also realized that I wanted more normality. I found that gathered inside my energy cycles, was a lot of other people's energies. Perhaps, I had not protected myself enough or maybe I am just that sensitive that messing with other people's energy just is not for me. At any rate, I made the decision after taking a 3 week hiatus from the clinic, that I was finished with Reiki.

This is the official announcement my friends.
I will no longer be doing Reiki.
I will also no longer be making Reiki jewelry.
I simply make beautiful jewelry inspired by nature.

My decision is to live a life with a little more normality in it. 
In the years since becoming a Reiki Master, I have encountered energies that are beyond my comprehension and I wish not to mess with those anymore.
I am thankful for the experiences and glad I have lived to tell the tales.
I no longer wish to change the world through Reiki though.

I want to speak on the truth of how I feel about Reiki.
I think that it was taught by the Japanese and perhaps it should remain there. Reiki as taught in Japan and Reiki as taught here are two different things.

I honor my own Master who taught me so much through the years. But, even he could not answer my many questions or help me sift through this decision. It was mine and mine alone and I honor him for allowing me to come to this decision based on my own needs.

 I feel relieved and happy and ready to start the next phase of my life. 
For those of you seeking Reiki, I encourage you to choose wisely. 
There are people out there who will do Reiki and tell you that you have to do "past life" work, seek a Shaman for this. If you are looking for a "reading" seek card readers and tea leaf readers, that is their speciality. And remember, it is also for entertainment, there are always two ways to view this.

I accept that my power lies in my ability to write.
I express most of what is needed in my writing. 
This is where I find my most joy.
So my gift to the world is what I write.

For my clients, remember that you always hold the power to change things anytime you wish. You and you alone hold the key to escaping the prison walls that we build for ourselves. I encourage you to go to Yoga. To paint. To write. To sing. To read. To go outside and be in nature. To turn off your TV. Turn away from you cell phone. Plant a garden. Go swimming. Walk barefoot on the grass. Laugh with friends. Move to a new place. Walk in the mountains. Say a prayer. Build something. Explore the world around you. 

Whatever you choose to do, just do it. 
Forget about panic attacks, depression, and loneliness.
Our world is too vast and large and wonderful.
You only have so much time. Do not spend that time being afraid.
Do what you KNOW inside of you is best for you.

Above all breath. 
Be thankful for that breath and step out into the world.

All my love,


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