Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why You Need to Get Really Honest With Yourself

Have you ever felt disheartened to the point that you want to give your life it's "walking papers"? You get this feeling that everything just isn't working out and you know you have to change that, even if it means tipping everything upside down and redoing it.

It creates discouraging days and we miss the mark when we feel like this. 
Have you given your everything for something that very much disappointed you?

I think we have all felt this way at one time or another.
I know I have.

It is during those times when we need to take a step out of our life.
We need to stop everything we are doing and have a heart to heart...with yourself.

What bothers me the most?

You do know the answer to this question, but will you be honest with yourself?

Will you allow fear to stop you from being very honest with yourself...

Chances are, what we fear the most, what we do not want to admit is the answer to unlocking our very limited belief system that we cannot create what we truly want.

Here are a few REAL reasons you may discouraged. Feel free to admit these to yourself, it's ok, being honest with yourself is a freeing experience.

Am I happy with my spouse?
Is that spouse loving, supportive, and part of my zombie survival crew? OR
Would that be the first thing I would drop during the zombie apocalypse?

Am I happy at my job?
Do I feel such exquisite joy when I wake each morning that I can't wait to get to work?

Am I happy with my body?
Can I look in the mirror and say "Hey Baby...You so Hot"
Do I detest the way I look?

Am I doing something everyday that I love to do?
Do I have one thing that I love more than anything else.
A hobby that gets you feeling like a little kid in a candy shop again?
That hobby should overwhelm you with excitement.

Am I happy with the friends I have?
Do I surround myself with people that feed my soul and make me feel alive?
Do I have a tribe of gypsy souls that I know got my back?
Can I be myself with this tribe?

Do I have a best friend?

Am I doing my very best at my job?
OR am I constantly complaining and believe that I know so much more then everyone else?
Am I giving my all for this job in which I earn my pay cheque?

These are only some of the the real issues we have. 
This is a very small list of the REAL reasons for your discontent.

You know what I do to start this process?
I crank up the music. Music I love, bands I love. I crank the music with earphones and listen.
My downward spiral quickly becomes very apparent...then I can get really honest with me.

Then I begin to move my body to the rhythm of the music.

Because this is how I create. This is how I get to the bottom of my discontent.

I create. I create jewelry, but I also create words and work with the muse to design something that is very amazing when I am finished. I write. This is my passion, it is the one and only thing that truly satisfies my soul. I love to just hold a pen and a journal. I love the feel of a book in my fingers. I love the thrill of words spilling and not being able to keep up with the exquisite joy of writing that abounds from some alien spring in my mind. That is my hobby. That is my passion. It is my go to when I need to uplift myself.

Here is my downfall....
I keep myself so extremely busy doing things for my family and my business that I forget.
I forget to honor my gift.
I forget to honor myself.
Then I feel discontent.

You know where I want to hang out...
My tribe is a bunch of artists.
I see forward thinking doers in my circle.
Experienced with life and obstacles. Willing to take "I can't" and turning it into "Holy shit! 
We did it! We knew we could change that!"
Writers with cigarettes and coffee and notebooks and a glasses of rum.
I see guitars and crazy musicians as we write lyrics.
In my tribe, I see a dark coffee house with a small light above our dark wooden table and I see minds like Davinci and Paulo Coelho discussing how we will change the is world.
Through our words, through our music, through our next movie....
That's my tribe.
I need to find this crew.

Can you describe your tribe to the extent that you can see it. 
You can feel the excitement and buzz and movement of thought?
That is where you will come alive...

That is where your life will find it's walking papers and your disheartened heart will leap with joy. So let's sit down and get real honest...

What do you know without a shadow of a doubt is holding you back?

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