Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alis Volat Propriis - She Flies With Her Own Wings

This is me. 
Currently, I feel like I am the only one of my kind.
At least in this space I call my "home base". 

I cannot fit into that box that everyone wishes me too. 
I tried. 
I can't do it.

See, before all of this, I had a dream.
There was this novel I wanted to write.
I had this unique way of viewing the world.
I had this unique way of seeing people.
I wanted to just travel and write. 
I find great joy in studying people and guessing who they are.
I create my characters this way.
My visual is what moves me forward.

“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

I challenge authority.
Every chance I get...


I challenged my teachers, 'cause, what the hell were they teaching us anyhow?
I challenged my boring job {jobs}, cause, seriously, I cannot do the same thing everyday.
I challenged my challenging job, working with high behavior people with disabilities, cause all the people in authority had no fucking clue. They wanted to have another "meeting" and perhaps some more cake....yeah ok, I quit that job.
I challenged my Catholic mother in law...that was a little scary.
I challenged the status quo cause I could really give a shit.

Then, I challenged myself. That challenge led me to build The Black Star Boutique.
Challenging myself led me to become a Reiki Master, cause that shit's real.
I became a Reiki Master long before anyone even knew what that was....and here at home base, most people still don't have a clue...I won't lie, I don't really fit here.

I have always been a writer. My heart sings when the muse hits me.

I have always been a gypsy. I cannot stand to stay in one place for too long. I love to explore. I love meeting people from other countries. I love exploring history. I love ghost hunting. I love conspiracy theories. I love FREE THINKERS.

I follow Russell Brand.

I watch Micheal Moore. I think he's got it right.

I'm a Paulo Coelho fan

I love Awolnation

I love Trudeau, cause he's real. I like Notley too. 
{I live in Alberta. You know how hard that is on a person?}

Minor hockey makes me ill. It is the biggest joke and the biggest rip off for parents ever.
Keeps us distracted from what's important.

alis volat propriis (she flies with her own wings)

I follow my heart...

And that is where I faltered this year. 

I tried to simmer down. 
I am 42 years old after all, I should tone it down for my kids sake, right?

I forgot that all I am is because of the convictions I held steadfast to.

It needs to be passed onto my kids.

One of them will be 18 years old soon.
I have done well with her. 
She's my #1 Rebel.
Also, an aspiring author and boho babe.
Upcoming Activist...maybe hacker one day.
{she tells me she is not, but she is the coolest 18 yr old I know}

My other one is same as me, he just knows how to read people better.
He can't stand being in the same house for long, always ready to move on.
He reads the energy just like me.
He tells me to simmer down when his friends are around,
 "They just aren't open to that Mom. They just see the world around them." 
He might be the next politician, helping his activist sister...

Raising children who can think for themselves.

Mission accomplished! Yah me!

When you decide to walk the path less traveled you must learn a few things:

1. Embrace your darkside. Your so called labels are a great source of power.

2. Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts and opinions out into the world, even if it scares the shit out of you.

3. Expand your horizons. Leave home. 
Wander aimlessly and visit other countries and cultures. 

4. Question Everything

5. Have balls of steel, you'll need it. 

6. Find your wings and fly

alis volat propriis (she flies with her own wings)

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