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The Sacral Chakra and Reiki

Hello Friends!
On today's blog, I will be discussing the Sacral Chakra.
Before I get to that, there are a few things that need to be explained.

I have been asked to explain Reiki on many occasions. Reiki is something that the Western world is only just beginning to understand. It is a form of energy healing that works on the Chakra system. Reiki comes from Japan, from Sensai Usui. Sensai is as respected in Japan, as "Doctor" is respected here in North America. When I do Reiki I work on your Chakra system, which sits on the Endocrine system. Reiki is energy work.

In Japan, Reiki was a "society",  a secret and respected society in which only certain members were allowed. It was very much respected. It is my greatest wish to study Reiki in Japan within this society, as Reiki was meant to be taught. One day, I will do this.

For now, I offer Reiki sessions that are Holistic. This is very important. I am concerned about your health and when I work on the Chakra system, my goal so to keep you in good health. I see far to many Reiki Masters today doing "Reiki Readings" and charging large sums of money. Perhaps, for them, this is how they have been taught and perhaps for them, this is the most help they feel they can give. I would urge you not to pay for any "Distance Reiki" sessions, this goes against the teachings. Distance Reiki is always FREE. In Level 2 of Reiki, Distance Reiki is what we learn, it is our duty to humanity to perform this, free of charge.

This is the Reiki Principles:

To be a Reiki Master, one must master themselves. For me, it has taken a great deal of time and learning to get to the stage I am now finally at and my biggest journey is letting go of the power struggle. 

When asked how I become a Reiki Master, I always tell people, it is quite a story how I got here....

It is a story that I love to share and when I look back now on that sacred journey, I had no idea what I was in for. 

It has had ups and downs, moments of complete despair followed by moments on which I reached the plateau and was so in tune with spirit that I could not be shaken. On many occasions, I tried to turn away from Reiki out of frustration and only found myself back learning more.

For those of us who have taken the spiritual journey and venture into energy medicine, the journey can not be easy, for we have to learn many lessons to reach the plateaus of understanding. Sometimes we are the teacher and sometimes we are the student. I was blessed with wonderful teachers and mentors on my path.

This is my life, my chosen path, to go into the world and help as many people as I can, to awaken you to the light that exists within you and to bring you into your own full capacity. It is my goal to awaken and help as many as I can.
I believe it is your god given right to understand all these things and I intend to continue lifting the veil so you can clearly see the world through different eyes.

My path to becoming a Reiki Master was guided, however, being the stubborn one that I was, it took a long time for my guides to get through to me. And I can safely say that it is in our weakest moments that our guides are the most helpful and it is then, that they can get through to us. 

I stumbled upon Reiki when I was in my late 20's, the internet was just first becoming a thing and I had invested in my very first computer. I was sitting down getting my college application ready when I stumbled across an article on learning Reiki in Japan. My initial reaction to the article was intrigue, I wanted that, so badly. That was the career I wanted. However, the cost was enormous for me at the time. I was a single mother of two young children and could not see a way to go to Japan and study. I carried on with my College course as an Educational Assistant and went on to work with people who have disabilities. For several years, I pursued this path and was happy with my work until my life fell apart and my happiness was swept out from under me.

I found myself in a very vulnerable position and fell very ill. 
I seen the doctor often, many times crying and pleading with him to help me. His only suggestion was counselling and anti-depressants. Everything inside of me resonated NO. No I would not be a product of their "depressants" who needed their damn medicine. So, I went in search of a counselor that could help me. I saw several before I decided on one. One who was not from north amercia, someone who saw the world through different eyes.  One who suggested that something else was happening to me, one who suggested that I was quite strong and would make my way through this without anti depressants.

That counselor took me to meet and talk with my very first witch. Is this unethical? You may judge it if you want, but question what you have been taught on ethics and if those teachings are in fact the truth. It is from that meeting with the "White Witch" that I was able to heal and find my way to Reiki. I was able to say no to anti depressants. I was able to live free and happily, no drugs, no doctors, nothing hanging in the balance.

This is not the complete story. The complete story takes me much longer to tell and this blog post would be longer then it already is. 

My path lead me to learning wiccan, crystal healing, and working with the Cree Nation elders and members from the Native Reserve here in Alberta. In fact, on the day that I was given my attunement into Reiki Level 2, it happened that I was attuned in a tipi with the sound of the drums of the natives in the background. Those drums began as my attunement into Reiki did and it was a moment I will never forget, with gratefulness in my heart, anticipation in my soul, and tears of joy streaming down my face.

 I realized that I did not forsake my heritage and who I am. I am the only member of my family that acknowledges our Cree heritage and I do so with great pride. My great grandfather was a Cree warrior, strong and brave and always standing for what is right. His legacy is passed onto me and I carry to future generations through my children, who are also very spiritual. When you look at me, you would never think that I have a Cree great-grandfather would you? 
It is on my right shoulder where the power of my great grandfather resides.

On my left shoulder is the power of my great grandmother, from my Dad's side of the family. She is a witch and a very powerful one with a kind heart. Stories told of her tell of her doing tea leaf readings and mixing natural concoctions for sick people. I still see her at the funeral, as she passed when I was only small, but I have recollection of her. I look like her. My Dad once said to me, "You look just like great Granny, you have her heart, her smile, and her fierceness. You possess all the wonder of her along with her great strength." My Dad very much loved her and for him to see this is in me is a great gift that he has given me, even though my Dad and I were never really together much. The time we had together was always very deep and understanding, we had a silent bond that no one will ever really understand. He asked me to remain strong, for I would need to be.
I never really understood that until now. Standing in my power as a Reiki Master has sometimes taken a lot out of me. I deal with forces that others would run from.

Source: Pintrest

And this leads me to my Sacral Chakra.
I find that I am again on a healing path.
For some time now, I have been very ill.
I am having very bad attacks and doctors have not found anything.
I suffered for two months and finally have gone to see a naturopath and acupuncturist.
The prognosis I am not sure of yet, although all things look like I have been a victim of a black box drug called Ciproflaxin. This terrible drug creates side effects that wreak havoc on your body. My Naturopath has seen others with this and my work colleague at Body Tx, has also had Ciproflaxin poisoning. She suffered for an entire year before she recovered.

This has lead me to look more deeply into the Reiki I am doing on myself.
In searching my own body with the use of Reiki I found the Sacral Chakra was in need of repair. I have set about repairing the Chakra for optimal health benefits.

What does the Sacral Chakra do?

The sacral chakra is also known as the Svadisthana Chakra. 
It is known as "one's sweetest abode" or "one's own place"
Below is a picture of the chakras, you can see where this chakra is located.
It governs the spleen and navel center of the body.

The sacral chakra is the center of self-expression and joy.
Looking back over this past year, I should have realized that this Chakra needed my attention. If I had done the work on it before, dis - ease would not have come into my body. This chakra is concerned with assimilation, creativity, the bond of love, and consciousness to enlightenment. Enthusiasm and Joy are in this chakra. Negative emotions held in this chakra, such as anger and fear, eventually cause illness. I very much ignored this chakra, thinking my solar plexus chakra needed the work. 

Someone told me that I was not good enough and I believed it.
Unfortunately, I allowed my power to be stomped on.
This is my new mantra for the Chakra:

On a daily basis I now take the time in the mornings to listen to the Sacral Chakra meditation and focus on the picture of the chakra to "color breath". I have also added in yoga poses for the Chakra and essential oils to my daily routine. 

I noticed upon starting the work on the chakra how the pain in the area subsides and how much more alert and creative I feel. When I first began, tears streamed down my face during my treatment, I understood that this was the release I needed. For months, I felt as if I was not good enough, nothing I did was good enough, for the past year, I have faltered on my friendships with women I love to hang around with, this in turn isolated me from everyone. I noticed I began to feel feelings of anger, jealousy and fear. Fear over everything, from writing a blog post to going to a hockey game. I began procrastinating and arguing with everyone around me. 


I knew something was deeply wrong, however I still did not know what that was. When I finally woke up one snowy, Sunday morning with a terrible attack that felt like the flu, I had no choice but see the doctor. It is 2 months later and I still have the problem and I know it is time that I healed it, I and I alone, know my body. I am the Reiki Master and in one eye opening moment this week, I realized that I must be part of my healing. So I am taking the supplements given by the Naturopath. I am eating clean. The only thing my stomach can handle right now is salmon, quinoa, and steamed vegetables. I have been also eating a lot of fruit, yogurt, and hummus along with different smoothies for nutrients. Some days I may still enjoy my coffee from my favorite coffee shop. I added a detox bath to my ritual 3 times a week, along with properly smudging and clearing my home and environment. I regularly use the gemstone orange calcite and have been using a gem elixir. Seeing my doctor on several occasions has warranted no results so far.

Since this began for me, I have not taken a prescription drug or a pain reliever. If Ciproflaxin is the cause of all this, the only way the doctors will treat it is with predisone and advil, both of which will make the toxic poisoning worse. 

The bottom line is that if I had done the work on the Chakra when it first came up a year ago, I would never have gone to the doctor and filled the prescription for Ciproflaxin in the first place. This is the importance of the Chakra system.

My understanding of each chakra has now grown and I am able to give my Reiki clients at work even more attention and healing. The plateau comes again, thank goodness! It has been so long I thought I would never see another.


The plateau of Hachimantai, Japan

I hope this blog post adds insight into the process of Reiki, Chakras, and healing naturally. One more thing I would like to add before signing off is a link to a video I watched last night. It is called, "The Truth About Cancer". I urge people to watch this 9 part free video series, you need to know what they have uncovered about Chemotherapy, the pharmaceutical companies, how our doctors are trained, and a facility that is naturally treating cancer and having it disappear from the body without the use of Chemo.
I hope it will change your view as it has changed mine. 
Please share it with as many as you can, I feel that it is of the utmost importance:

We are all getting sick for unknown reasons, this has to do with our food supply, water supply, and the treatments from the doctors. We need to wake up.

Till next time,
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