Friday, April 8, 2016

Opal - The Stone of Inspiration

Pink Peruvian Opal Tassel Necklaces

Matching Pink Peruvian Opal Bracelets

Peruvian Opal Bracelet Stack with Pink and Blue Opals

Pastel Peruvian Opal Bracelet Stack

You can't deny the beauty of opal. Just looking at this pretty stone brings feelings of calm, yet mystical energy. Opal is the stone of inspiration.
 It is said that opal enhances creativity and imagination.

Spring is the perfect time to bring this stone into jewelry design. 

I have created a new spring line that exclusively features pink, blue, and green Peruvian opals. I have mixed the designs with pretty silk tassels, bali sterling silver, and seed beads. The captivating new line features the Pantone 2016 colors for this season. Each piece is created just once. It features lovely tassel necklaces, matching bracelets, and exclusive one of a kind bracelet stacks in soft pastels.

Shakespeare once called opal the "stone of the gods". Truly, after working with this stone for the past month, I can see why. The luxuriousness of the stone and the calming, yet captivating effect, has inspired me. Opals have a large portion of water and are considered a water stone. Water energy helps you continue on your path despite obstacles, just as a river flows and oceans move. 
Water doesn't stop for obstacles and nor should you. 
Opal will help you see your self worth and help you develop your full potential.

On an emotional level, opals are associated with love and passion. Opal teaches you how to take responsibility for how you feel and encourages putting out positive emotions. Loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity are all brought forward when wearing opal.

Perhaps the most fascinating point about opal is it's use in the spiritual realm. Opal is used in Shamanic work where stealth is required. It is also a protective stone, when programmed correctly, and will make you invisible or unnoticeable in dangerous places. This is of course, on a spiritual level and reserved for those of us working within this realm. Opal is absorbent and reflective and will pick up thoughts and feelings, amplify them, and then return them to their source.
{A useful stone when I do Reiki on my clients, as it allows me to remove unwanted energy within the auric field.}
Opal is a karmic stone and it teaches you that what you put out will come back to you.
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Happy Weekend!

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