Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why We Need to Just Breath

On my last blog post I shared a lot of info on food. 
Eating healthy. Choosing healthy. Organic...

I have something to say and I believe this is the platform for it. 

As a Reiki Master, I have met many, many people on this path I choose. I have helped many people. Many have helped me. People touched me. I touched them. 

I have spent this past month being very ill. Sick to the point that I could not drive anywhere and did not leave my house for a week. There is not a doctor who can tell me what is wrong. Every test has been done and I have no answers.

I have somewhat of a warning and a wake up call for all of us on this path to "health" and for all those who are "healing". My message is this: JUST BREATH

I began to notice that everywhere I turned people were using fear. Eat organic or you will have chemicals in your food. Get this shot from your pharmacist before you travel. 
Drink Kombucha, it's a life elixir. Black garlic...juice plus...on and on.

Okay. Fear mongering. That is the bottom line.

Somewhere on my path I got a little confused this year and began listening to all the talk.
I manifested the very things I did not want. Lesson learned.

Here is the bottom line.
Our thoughts become things.

In Reiki, I learned to bless my food.
I learned that I can manifest anything.
I've earned my credentials as a Reiki Master by going through the trials of the path.

We are on the plateau of a major change in our consciousness.
It is progressively happening daily.
But that change is good. Life is good. 
Food is good.

Keep it in balance. Don't fret over everything.

And when you find a healer or naturopath or card reader that costs too much money or continues to tell you that you need this, that or the other thing...just breath.

You are okay. 
You will be okay.

Trust your instincts. Trust yourself. 

One thing I have learned doing Reiki is that healing can be quick and efficient. 
You do not have to continually struggle with the same thing over and over, unless you choose to. Yes, I am speaking from my own personal experience on this matter.

You will need to learn to breath and stand in your own power.

Find your tribe.

They will help you when you need it and they will ask nothing in return from you. 
The healers in this world, the really wise and good ones, will leave you feeling full, happy, and bright. They will not take more from you then you have.
This is the same for food. 
Love your food, keep it in balance, and just feed your body.
Nourish it with love and respect.

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