Friday, January 29, 2016

Fueling Our Bodies for Optimal Health

Earlier this week I shared a few recipes I use and we were talking about food and how we are feeding our families and ourselves. I was trying to stress the fact that we should really be cooking our own food and sourcing real ingredients and not processed junk.

Do you feel tired, moody, irritable, and have a general feeling of not well?
Or does your family often get sick?
It probably has more to do with what you are consuming then you know.
Yes, we have been hearing this for a long time and we seem to turn a blind eye to it. We all have busy lives and that doesn't seem to be changing, however...

The fact of the matter is...Food is not what it used to be.

Food is supposed to be energy.  
We eat to fuel our bodies. Every cell that we have in our bodies requires food.
That food has to have nutrients. Most of what we eat in our diets is not real nor natural foods. It is nasty food full of preservatives, chemical, and additives. After we have eaten this food for a long time our body begins to store it as toxins. Toxins in our fat cells, then in our bones, then in our brains and we certainly do not want it there!

Once no real food is consumed regularly, our immune systems jump in and say,
"Hey! This is foreign and doesn't belong here"
Our body begins to kill the good bacteria.
We need the good bacteria.

This is why we see a rise in so many different gut issues and on other areas, like diabetes and cancer and MS. And as we begin to see so many issues with our bodies we start to think this is a natural thing and that there is nothing we can do. 

After all, the food is there right? Why would they give it to us if it is bad for us?
That is a good question, but the answer lies in corporate power and that isn't what this post is about tonight.

Sensible Eating. Sensible Living.

I have been reading and researching different articles on the topic of food and what I discovered is that yes, we are slowly killing ourselves with the food we eat.

My favorite lifestyle choice is currently the Taoist diet. I will call it that but, Taoist is a lifestyle choice that involves many things that are good for us. 
Immortality is not a word.
 It is part of Taoism. 

Here is a quote from a blog post I read:
"Garbage in equals Garbage out. If you eat junk food, you become junk. This is very simple and direct. The body will not live well, nor long unless eating a balanced, varied and healthy diet. Taoist books and literature go into great details about when, how and what one should eat. It’s all about eating at a proper balance.

Know this, you can build your capacity to feel better by eating properly.
Carbs and sugar have taken over. Carbs are only good for you if you are playing a sport or going to the gym, but carbs are not what you need all the time.

We need real food. We need good fuel. Good fuel in the form of proteins.
Good food supports your digestive system and then your digestive system can work for your body and not against it. Remember,each and every cell in our body is designed to work in conjunction with good healthy food. 

My biggest sin is my Second Cup coffee...
I have to stop. What is your biggest food sin?

We can kick start our energy systems in the mornings by have a protein rich breakfast.
This immediately starts to break down the fat in our bodies.
Protein rich foods include 
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Chicken, Salmon, and Tuna

A 7 day cleanse is a test you can take to see how you feel and if food affects you.
For 7 days you eliminate corn, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine.
Yes, that is a hard one, I know.

I began eating avocado with hemp seeds and chai seeds on a whole wheat toast. I eat this not only at breakfast but as a snack in my day. It doesn't look delicious, but I love it. I had a friend who made this and I thought I would try it, I love it now too.
I have also found healthier yogurts and simple new spices for detoxing teas.

Hemp seeds are considered the
“perfect protein,” because they contain all 20
amino acids, 9 of which our bodies cannot
produce. Lastly, they are rich in soluble and unsoluble
fiber that naturally cleanses the colon
and reduces sugar cravings
(The Urban Monk)

Is it easy to eat better?
No. We are trained to crave carbs and sugars. The truth is that if you want to loose weight and feel better you just have to eat the right foods. There is case after case after case of people who have eaten themselves healthy.
I have heard so many success stories from people who have had diabetes, that changed their diets and the diabetes is gone. Real people, real scenarios. 

A friend of mine suggested that I listen to podcasts on my phone and I am glad I did.

You see, I was struggling to figure out why my daughter was suffering with dermatitis.
It had gotten so bad that you could literally watch her hand blister and pop. It was agony for her and there seemed to be nothing I could do to help her.
The treatment from the medical doctors?


She went on this for one week. By the time she came off it, no word of a lie, my son and I were locking our doors at night because of her rage. She suffered with incredible chest pains and became so out of sorts I had to call the pharmacist and ask what to do.

Predisone is a steroid. It is a destructive and terrible steroid that will eventually hurt you beyond repair. I asked my family doctor what exactly the predisone is for. 

I said, "Do you know why you are prescribing it? What are you treating?"
She said that doctors prescribe predisone when they don't know what else to do or how else to treat a condition, predisone is a cure all with terrible side effects...when I told her that I wasn't comfortable with the side effects and asked just how harmful it could be, she had nothing to say, other then it is not something you want her on for very long. 

On the advice of a girlfriend, I went to a Chinese Doctor.
He gave us several herbs. He told us that we needed to clear toxins out of the body.
My daughter took the herbs and her skin began to clear in days. 

We have not taken predisone again since then and continue to stay off it.

In my search for remedies I have stumbled across countless videos, books, podcasts, and articles on how people are using food to heal and to feel better. It is all in the way we eat.

I want to share the information because everywhere I look someone I know seems to be feeling worse. When my grandpa recently passed away and I saw a picture of my relatives after not seeing most of them for years, I was shocked. Everyone looked so overweight, tired, and no one looked vibrant. It was shocking. It wasn't just a case of years gone by, it was wow...what is happening to everyone?

Proper food fuels our bodies. Sensible eating. Sensible living.

Three new things I have learned about just recently that will actually get you started are keifer, kombucha, and cultured vegetables.

But I say do your own research.
Talk to your health food store.
Visit an organic market.
See a Chinese doctor.
See a naturopath.

Follow your intuition and discover your own solution.
Each of us has a different body. Each body needs something different to feel alive.
I just urge you to take that step if you seem to have weight gain and/or always feel exhausted.

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