Thursday, January 28, 2016

Frantic Panic and The New Renaissance

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I planned to blog a bit more on cooking for ourselves and doing a bit of a clean up in our homes, both physically and energetically, however it struck me that I need to back up a little and write from my intuition and share these thoughts I have been having this week.

You should be excited, we have not had a heart to heart 
in a long time here on the blog.
Here goes...

The photo above is a representation of "Dreams of Yesterday" and it begins our blog post this evening. I see myself and many others around me holding onto the past with what I call frantic panic. What does that mean?

Frantic Panic.

Our world is quickly evolving and changing, sometimes faster then we know what to do with it and we can't seem to process as quickly as we need to.
We hold onto being that perfect "thing"....maybe that thing is a word like mother or boss or teacher or nurse or doctor or secretary.

In our effort to be that perfect thing...we begin to panic when we cannot keep up and meet that perfect standard. Let's face it, I can't post my life on social media and live it at the same time. And as we loose ourselves in this evolving nature of the new renaissance, we frantically scurry backwards...

We are looking for the simpler nature of our world before the end came...
What end you say?

Well, 2012 was that pivotal ending. You know, the doomsday predictions.
Yes, we all eagerly or amusingly watched to see if anything would happen and when we woke up the next day and things were still the same, we scoffed and said,
 "See. Nothing happened."

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What we failed to see is that everything changed.
And slowly yet suddenly, the world began to awaken.

Suddenly, climate change became real.
TV and internet lends you any "far fetched" idea you'd like to learn about.
Zombies came on the scene.
Suicide rates rose to out of control.
And the witches awoke.
And the dark came in strong.
And the light came in stronger.
And the healers awoke.

And there appeared everything of dreams and nightmares, you simply had to choose.

If you missed it, don't worry, you will soon catch it or it will catch you.

We fundamentally realize that there is something more. We also realize that we have been lied to on every level of all we learned. From how many planets there are, to physics, to history and who discovered what first, to the food we eat. 
We see it, we feel it, we know...

I call this the new renaissance and I call myself fortunate to live during this amazing time.

To put it into laymen terms. If you didn't notice how quickly technology advanced since 2012 or how yoga jumped on the scene, then you might have slightly missed the bus. That's ok. You can still get on and go for the ride cause this is a beautiful time to be living in.

But if you feel like you're missing something and you're wondering who Florence is and why all the style is called "boho" and why people are talking about love all the time, then you have frantic panic.

Because yes, the world changed while you still slept.

We are living in a time of amazing new break throughs and energetic healing. People are learning to cure their diseases as they used to be cured, with nature. We are learning that our food supply is contaminated and learning that our great mother earth is all we have.

The earth is speaking to us. Life is speaking to us.
Do you realize what you are doing when you do yoga?
Do you realize that there is a fight of good and evil going on around you?
And it isn't just those questions.
 It's the basic questions like why is food prices so high?
Why are teens so obsessed with their selfies?
Why am I endlessly busy and can't relax anymore?

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More importantly, do you realize that you have the power within you to make a stand?
We have the power to choose where and how we will stand in this changing world.

We can choose love.
We can choose to see it through another person's eyes.
We can choose to confront our fears.
We can choose to open our intuition.
We can choose to leave.
We can choose to stay.
We can choose simplicity.
We can choose abundance.

It is a matter of what side we stand on and with good and evil both fighting for you, our judgement can be clouded at the best of times.

Frantic Panic.
Going backwards to see where we missed the bus.

Remember during this time of change, those who were put in your path, whether they are still on your path or not, taught you what you need for NOW, in this moment. 
Honor the past, but look forward with bright eyes. Let go of what you no longer need.
 If you feel like you are not living your best life, then seek it, it will find you.
If you are curious, explore.

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With Love,

P.S. - This is Florence ----> FLORENCE
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