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Five Reasons Why Citrine is A Must Have Crystal

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The stone of happiness and abundance. 
It is a yellowish stone that is a variety of quartz. This stone I recommend for everyone because of the many benefits you get from wearing or using citrine.  
Here a five reasons why citrine is a must have gemstone in your collection.

1) Citrine never needs "cleansing". It is one of the rare stones that never holds negative energies. You can place this stone with your other crystals and it will keep them clear of unwanted energies. Citrine has the power to absorb, transmute, dissipate and ground negative energy. I have a citrine in my living room area and I have several citrine nuggets that I use in my bedroom and keep with my stone collection. 

2) If you need a protective stone for your environment, such as your home, this is the stone place in your living space. It will add happiness and joy to the environment. Citrine is said to carry the power of the sun. Sunshine makes us happy and adds light and joy to our lives, thus, citrine carries this power with it. It promotes joy in life and this joy promotes our energy levels to go up.

3) Citrine will cleanse the chakra system and activate the crown chakra which opens your intuition. Citrine is a stone that energizes every area of life. It protects the aura and tells you when you must protect yourself so you can take action before negative energy bothers you. 

4) Creativity is stimulated when we use citrine, as it keeps our chakra system clean and opens our third eye {crown chakra} Citrine also promotes inner calm so that wisdom can come through. This is the stone to treat depression, fears, and phobias. I would even suggest this stone for anxiety as well. Once these issues are gone, creativity is revitalized.

5) Abundance and Success! Who doesn't need to attract more abundance and success into their lives. Citrine teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. 

Citrine never needs cleansing
Clear Chakras and Aura
Creativity Simulator
Abundance Success Wealth

I have added a few versions of citrine into my shop. I found beautiful raw nuggets that match perfectly with lotus seed and sandalwood. I suggest wearing the bracelets on your left wrist to draw the energy into you.

If you follow my link below you can find these in my Etsy shop.
Be sure to read about the beads that I have mixed citrine with for added holistic health benefits.

I have both of these bracelets and wear them often for everything listed above.
You can use citrine under your pillow at night along with whatever other stones you are using to continue attracting all of the good things that citrine will attract.

As a Reiki Master who feels energy everywhere, I can say that the energy held in the citrine crystal is pure happiness and gives you a boost. You will feel the crystal slowly begin working and know that your mood has improved. 
January is a month when we need a pick me up and citrine will do just that.


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