Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello December - Guess What's New

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It is upon us...December! Oh the fun and joy of the Christmas season. I am so happy to finally sit down and write a blog post, it has been sooo long. Of all the hats I wear in running my business, this is one hat that I truly love.

I have many exciting things coming up in the new year for The Black Star Boutique and it is shaping up to be a busy upcoming year. 
First, a brand new beautiful website is coming! I am building the website myself with a little help from my Bestie, Renae! Sign up for the newsletter and checkout out our coming soon page (hint: there's a secret discount code you might want...)

Second, the brand new Geometrics Collection is ready and I never even told you, sorry, it's been busy around here. The Geometrics Collection is a collection of necklaces that are shapes and are mixed with onyx and other gemstones. 
Each handmade necklace is gold matte plated and so boho chic.

Photo Image and Designs are property of The Black Star Boutique

I used the gemstone black onyx for most of these designs.
Black Onyx is a third eye chakra stone, who couldn't use a little third eye opening, right.
It is also a protection stone that blocks negative influences which is useful when you are opening that third eye! It will absorb and transform that negative energy.
You can read about black onyx here:

You can find them all by visiting my shop
Click HERE 

And there is more...
I have made some gorgeous tassle necklaces with swavorski crystals

And if that isn't enough new stuff, the Cabin Fever Collection got 
an upgraded packaging surprise!

I found a supplier who has the most beautiful linen bags. All online orders placed for
 The Cabin Fever Collection will have their packages arriving in this reusable, pretty linen gift bag.

Ready for my third surprise?

Wait! I think this post is long enough...I have to get some rest.

Join me tomorrow and I will share a new venture I have taken on, tell you how I got my Christmas wish early, and show you how I am packaging all online Christmas orders.

Lotsa love goes into this handmade business.
I love to take care of my customers.
I love to create and design and blog.
And I love that you join me here.

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