Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time, Florence, Reiki and Power

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It has been three months since I thought it best to close my shop on Etsy.
As I lay in bed after my closing day I felt less then a relief.
I felt I had let myself down.
I allowed the negativity storm around me to take me from my path.

I thought I would have more time.
More time to write.
More time for yoga.
More time for a "real" job.
More time for my kids.
More time to bake.
More time....

What I discovered was that what excited my heart the very most was now gone.

I am in my happiest state when I write, on this blog, in my diary, on my book.
I am also happiest when I am working on The Black Star Boutique.
I am happy when I am reading a new book.
I am happy when I do yoga.
I am happy when I practice Reiki.
I am happy when I go outside and work in my garden.
I am happy when I go after a negative energy and get rid of it.
I am happy when I listen to Florence.

It was this last "happy thing" that made me realize something very fundamental about me.

I am a Reiki Master. I am a practicing Wiccan.
I come from a long line of power and a bloodline that although it may be tainted, also has a line of very powerful people in it. It may be my job to heal that bloodline...maybe. 

I feel that surging through me daily.

I cannot run from what my heart says.

"Carry On"

Did I find more time?
Heavens no.
I found less of it.

Because I do everything that everyone else needs BEFORE I do what my heart is telling me. It is essential that I put the things my intuition is telling me FIRST.

I have learned something very important.
Time is up to me.
I make my choices on what I will give my time to.
I decided that my time must be devoted to what I love.
And, I love this.

I am on the cusp a pivotal turning point in my journey.
It is building with excitement and bubbling like a volcano ready to explode.
I cannot explain it too anyone, only I feel this.

I needed to step into my power and view the world in childlike wonder again.

It is with these thoughts that I step back into the ring.
Perhaps you will understand, perhaps you won't.
I understand it and that is what is essential.

St. Jude {Click Here} - This expresses a lot for me in ways I cannot put into my own words

Third Eye {Click Here} - Self Explanatory

Ship To Wreck {Click Here} - There were no sleeping pills and no fights with my guy, but this was my struggle in a metaphoric sense with my shop.

I have Florence's new album to thank. It is because of this album that I was able to be very honest on how I feel and why I had felt so held down.

The future of The Black Star Boutique will be shaped differently, it is by no means finished, I still have much work to do and there is time.

May the magic of today bless you in ways in you never imagined....

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