Saturday, May 30, 2015

Make Your Own Beaded Bracelet

 Happy Saturday Morning!

 I am coming to the end of my little business venture in jewelry and the end of writing on this blog. Today I wanted to share a tutorial on how to make your own beaded stretch bracelets.

Step 1
Gather Supplies
1) Beads 
2) Focal Bead 
3) Stretch Cord
4) Jewelry Glue
5) Beading Board (shown below)
6) Side Cutting Pliers & Chain Nose Pliers

You can buy pliers and a beading board at Micheals or any local craft store. 
You can buy an entire set of pliers or buy them individually.
I suggest finding a beading board that has the correct measurements as shown above.
For beading cord I use Beadalon Elasticity. The thickness of the elastic cord matters so please note the size above in the picture.

Step 2
Cut a length of elastic longer then the bracelet will be and stretch the elastic. 
This is an essential part of the process so be sure to stretch the cord first.
You can also lay your beads onto your beading board to ensure you have enough beads for the size you are making and to design your pattern. In this example I am just using a very simple pattern.

Step 3
String your beads onto the elastic.
In this tutorial you will start with your focal bead and then put the rest of the beads on. The knot you will tie at the end will be hidden by the Karen Hill Tribe Silver tube.
Below shows the beginning of the knot you will tie.

 Step 4 - The Knot
The knot you make is the most essential part of your bracelet.
You will make a surgeons knot. 
In order to explain this the best I am going to direct you to a video tutorial.
It is not my tutorial, but it is one of the easier tutorials I have found for you.
Please click the link below:

Step 5
When you have completed your knot you will use your pliers to cut the excess elastic.
Once you cut the excess elastic you will use the glue on the knot.
I use E600 glue, it is my favorite, but you can use any jewelry glue.
You then hide the knot in the Karen Hill Tribe Silver tube.
I allow 24hrs to let the glue dry.
Below is a picture of the finished product.

Mookaite Bracelet

I want to leave you with a list of suppliers I trust for ordering gemstone beads, glue, and Karen Hill Tribe Silver.

*Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pieces >>>>
*Beautiful and Unique Beads including African Imfibinga Beads>>>> 
*Real Gemstone Beads >>>>

There are several other suppliers but you can search for bead suppliers in Etsy or on Google. You will eventually find the suppliers you love the best for your supplies.

To find other tutorials for jewelry you can view my Pintrest board

Craft Projects >>>>Click Here

Currently in my shop I have a few DIY bracelet kits that include gemstone beads, Hill Tribe Silver focal beads, elastic, and glue. If you want to try your hand at making your own stretch bracelet you can purchase the kits here >>>> Click Here

My shop is almost closed for good and everything is now on sale. I plan to close by June 1st so order early if you were planning to. I have one more tutorial to post. It is how to make an African Imfibinga bracelet, one of my favorites. Be sure to check back for the next tutorial.

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