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Spring Equinox...Spring WTF?

The Spring Equinox has finally arrived. If any of you read my blog regularly you'll know that I never set resolutions for the New Year until Spring. I learned this from a dear friend of mine. He is from the Cree Nation Reserve here in Alberta. He explained that spring is the time for renewal. 
Renewal does not happen during  the depths of January.

My new year always begins in Spring.

I don't think I've ever wanted a Spring more then I wanted it this year.
I've had a hell of a year. My faith has been tested time and time again. My thirst for new creations, motivations, and learning was lost in Sylvan Lake. 
This was my learning year.

On my journey in this life I have had incredible years of amazing spiritual connections.
I have held power within my hands that I knew not what to do with it.
I have been filled with amazing inspirations and depths of perception.
I have stepped above the plateaus and been able to look at the world from a place of knowing.

Not this year.
This year I sank into the stench of negative entities.
I swam throw the depths of darkness that I really don't want to speak of.
On an energetic level, this year sucked...big style!

Source: The Guardian

I lived through it. I am not going to get into the depths of darkness that exist in Sylvan Lake other then to say that I will never again say I do not believe in darkness or question the very existence of it.

I am simply thanking the powers that be that I am home. Our move back to the Edmonton area could not have come any sooner. I felt choked, abandoned and in my last hour of hope before our move.
 I wasn't sure I could hang on anymore.

Now that my head is clearing, I understand that I have come out of it with a new power. Something is unearthing inside of me that I will not be able to contain much longer. My happiness is back.
My zest for life, my hope, my spirit have returned in full force.

I am listening to music again. I have picked up my books and I am reading again. I have smudged. My stones are speaking to me again. I am ridding my home of anything that doesn't feel good. I am coming to life again.

I hate to admit this, but being a warrior of the light takes a lot out of a person.
I understand now that my job will forever be to bring light to this world.
I understand that I must continue to share my knowledge.
I also understand that I may be one of the few who can understand some of these dark powers that are coming forth in our world today. And maybe, just maybe I will now be able to help the next person when they encounter these suffocating beings.

You think that sounds crazy?
Just look around you. 
If you haven't noticed a shift in what people are believing, then you're living under a rock.

One of the best things that happened was my brief, but much needed encounter, with my teacher and friend. Pat is one of my most trusted teachers. He is also a friend I will forever cherish.
Although I only got to see him and his family for minutes, it was all that was needed to ground me and help pull me from the negative abyss I was sinking in. Pat is Cree. I worked with him in Hobbema years ago. It was Pat that taught me so much about energy work and life on the reserve. I needed the reminder. Hobbema is the only place I could go in times of complete desperation and loss, it is the only place where I am safe and can speak to anyone of what is happening on an energetic level. It is in Hobbema that they too know and see these terrible forces coming in around the world. It is by going to Hobbema that I am reminded of where my journey began years ago. It is there that I learned so much and it is there that I honored my Cree warrior great grandfather. It is there that I learned he is with me at all times and it is him that I draw on for strength and guidance during my times of complete and total desolation on my soul.

And then I am reminded of my great grandmother.
Of German descent. Tea leaf reader. Healer. 
She sits on the other side of me.

Both remind me of the protection I am under.
And I know that although my task in this world may be difficult, I am not alone in it.
I am the only one in my family who carries on the tradition of our ancestors, I understand that this task is important. I am the only one on both sides of my family who understands and steps up to this challenge.
I'm ok with that.

It would make sense that I honor my new year in spring as Ostara {Estore} is the Germanic Goddess. 
This time of year celebrates birth and renewal. So I emerge once again victorious and inspired.

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Sometimes it is best to honor the thoughts of my blog with music:

Where I Was:

Mumford & Sons: Below My Feet
Mumford &Sons: Lover of the Light

How I feel now:
Awolnation: Hollow Moon {Motherfucker I'll be back from the dead soon}

I have a clear thought about me and who the hell I am...finally.

I belong to that elite group of artists, writers, musicians, actors, painters, movers and shakers, soul people.... Those who dare to challenge the perception of what the world is. Those who write the music and books, those who inspire the people, those who fight for what's right, those who stand alone on the island till you all find it.

 It's in my DNA.
 It's my god damn birth right. 
And here's a little word to those of you casting the negativity this way...

I am back from the dead, watch your backs.
When you mess with me or my family you will get it back times three.
When your day rains down upon you, you'll know I'm back.

To my tribe.
Stand strong.
We are headed into an amazing new year full of promise and change.

The rest of you who don't get it and are going wtf...
try turning your god damn computer and cell phone off and go discover something,
 the dawn of a new age is upon us. 

Let's feel some intensity
Let's change perceptions
Let's motivate this world
Let's wake up....

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