Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Steps to Cleansing Your Gemstone Bracelet

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Hello Tribe!

I have missed you all. Sooo sorry. My apologies...

This is my very late first blog post of 2015. 
Very poor of me indeed.

I have a good excuse though! I've been very busy. Busy with immigration papers, busy with passports, busy with work, busy with lawyers, busy with our impending move...
 However, things are finally done on that very important part of my life and I have more time to sit with this blog and give you my very rebellious and gorgeous thoughts.

Let's start gently. 
How about a tutorial?

I have had so many people ask me about cleansing gemstones and gemstone bracelets they purchase from me to keep the stones charged and working to full potential.
I am happy to report, I have FINALLY gotten the blog post ready.

Gemstones hold qualities in them that can aid you on your journey in life.
Some gemstones help with grief, some attract money, some ward off evil, other stones attract love and others can induce healing in addition with your doctors orders.

If you have purchased one of my Reiki bracelets, these have a special charge to them. 
Because your bracelet was handmade by me, I can do distance Reiki to aid in keeping your bracelet cleansed and ready to be used. Please keep this in mind.

Step 1.
Gather any gemstone bracelet you have or gemstones that you feel have lost their "power" or charm. You can always feel when a stone needs cleansing, there is a certain feel it has to your senses. If you use your stones or wear your bracelets often, I recommend cleansing them once a week at least, more often if you have negativity around you.
 First, light sage in a burner. Once you have a good smoke going, run your bracelet through the smudge until you feel it is clear of negativity.

Don't waste the smudge if you are using charcoal like above.
Feel free to smudge and cleanse your house and yourself.
For those of you who have never used this technique please leave me your questions in the comments below or contact me over on Etsy, I can hook you up with what you need to get started and explain the process.

NOTE: If you or anyone in your house has asthma, you may not want to use this technique. In this case, just skip to step 2.

Step 2.

Place your bracelets or stones into a bowl of brown rice

 Completely cover your bracelets in the brown rice and leave to sit over night.

Step 3.
Place your bracelets or stones in a window that has sun and leave them to sit for a few hours to absorb the suns energy. Alternately, you can use the full moon to charge your bracelets and gemstones as well. You simply lay them in a window that has full moon light and leave them overnight.

Three easy steps to taking care of your gemstone jewelry so that your stones can work positively in your life all the time.

I will leave you with a new song by one of my favorite bands.
I saw these guys up close and personal a few years ago and I love them. 

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