Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rebel Rousing - A Letter to MyTribe

Hey Tribe...

I'm back. Re-branded and ready to rock.

A few blog posts back I wrote about a revolution of sorts.
I wasn't really sure what I was talking about...
I just knew I had, had enough of the normal bullshit that was un-amusing to me

Then it happened.

I was searching for an online course that would help me brand my business to really suit me and I stumbled across The Brand Alchemist.

As I worked through the course I discovered something inherently true.

I am a Revolutionary.

Of all the personalities that could stand out, it would be the Revolutionary.
It resonated deep inside my soul and I woke up.

A quote about the Revolutionary:

"There's no doubt about it-
Revolutionaries have been put on this earth to shake things up...
Whether it's rebelling against a principle or standing up to discrimination, Revolutionaries have no problem with challenging the status quo.

Revolutionaries are agents of change. They live to be the catalysts that change the way things have always been done, and aren't scared to disrupt the peace if there is just cause. True Revolutionaries don't just shake things up for the fun of it - they have strong principles, and they are not afraid to speak out and ensure justice is given."

This is what I am so passionate about.
That very sentence speaks volumes about who I am and have always been.
Let's shake things up, get people thinking, get people moving in a healthy, upbeat direction. Let's do it differently. 
That's me. 
The Rebel.

Okay, people do not fundamentally like me at first or they do but then they get side smacked with my opinion on anything from how minor hockey in Alberta sucks ass to the government conspiracy that we all ignore....people don't like it when I am blunt and to the point. 

But there is a small tribe of you who do...

My tribe, our tribe.
There is a little portion of the world that is craving a Revolution, a change...
They cry out for things that fundamentally need changing for the good of all.

{Like why in the hell is a soldier paid so much less then a fucking hockey player?}

When they say you have depression and need medication, tell them to go fuck themselves.
When they say there is no cure for cancer, tell them to go fuck themselves.
When everyone says "Shhh, you can't say that" get loud, and tell them to go fuck themselves.

That's what I think. Always have. Always will.
There's some big issues we face in today's world.

Revolutionaries change the status quo.
Revolutionaries are fearless and ultimately that is their strength. They are unable to just sit back and say nothing and they frankly, don't give a damn what people think of them.

Some revolutionaries that we know well include:
Brad Pitt
Jack Nicholson
Robin Hood

Yes, Robin Hood.

My ability to live my life without caring what others think of me, makes me a force to be reckoned with. Trust me, I've often made more enemies then friends along this journey.

This letter to my tribe is to inspire you.
I'm here to say let's stand up to the bullshit.
Let's do things with love and not with intention to only help ourselves.

Let's call out what needs changing and let's invoke a spirit of rebel rousing that leads to good positive changes worldwide. Challenge the status quo...

And if you won't...I will.

Just follow along.

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