Monday, October 20, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas from Handmade Pros

 Hello Peeps! 

Monday is almost over. May I be the first to say...thank goodness!
 It was a busy start to the week for me.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I found on Etsy this evening. 
Christmas is around the corner, as October is flying by, and if you are looking for some great finds....I have some really wonderful gift ideas.

I wanted to add a little note on today's finds...consumption, it's an epidemic. 
Christmas means more of the same, so when you buy gifts this year, if you can, keep clear of the super massive giants. Stores like Walmart and all the shops in the mall, don't give you the handmade elegance that these finds will. Keep in mind, that when you purchase from an Etsy seller who hand makes their products, you are getting a slice of something special and you will get hands on quality treatment....

Just a thought

My first find is THE PERFECT SCARF. It is the perfect scarf, seriously. I ordered two of these, one in red and one in oatmeal, I love it!
 It is made with care, packaged with care, and attention to detail rocks. 
Introducing: NORTHERNLY
Click here to visit her shop {Hint: Preorders for Oatmeal are being taken now, get yours}

One of my favorite jewelry designers on all of Etsy, The Artique Boutique.
{Seriously, I favorite a lot of her items often and really want some of them for myself}
She offers Free Shipping on all her items and she is an artist, truly.
 See for yourself by clicking here.
I had a hard time choosing which piece to post on the blog, so I went with one that I have been admiring for a long time.

Okay, this is super cute and you really want one for your child's stocking or your boyfriend or yourself, no subliminal message there...
{I ordered mine already}
Click here to see all the designs

Calling all husbands! This fits in a stocking perfectly and of course she the world to know she married the best guy ever....
Check out Ebollo
Teenagers, husband, Dads, Moms, trophy husbands you name it, you can find in the shop.

You know what else she might like in her stocking?
These Muk Luk Slippers from Three Bird Nest
I have been eyeing these up for a long time and hey, they match the shirt above.
She can lounge in comfort and warmth over the holidays.
Click Here to visit the shop.

Promise Pottery
Need I say more?
Handmade and personalized equals perfect
Click Here for full selections

My biggest challenge this Christmas is convincing the family that we don't need to buy big expensive gifts. We have all we need and we can buy what we want when we want. 
How do we control it?

Revolutionary thoughts soon....
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