Friday, September 12, 2014

Lapis Lazuli in London

Photo Courtesouy of The Daily Savant 

There is something that I love about designing jewelry and shipping it off to all corners of the globe. I have had the pleasure of shipping to Norway, Paris, Australia, Cambridge, Durham, South Africa, all over the USA, and here in Canada. There is something about sending a little piece of my artistic work to someone far away. 
When I hear back from those people, my splendid customers, and they let me know that they loved their creation, I am always grateful for this wonderful job I have.

When I ship over to England, I will admit, I get a little nostalgic.

England is the destination in the very near future. My passport is ready. My desire to go gets stronger all the time and when I finally step foot on UK soil, I know I will be mesmerized.

When Signe from The Daily Savant told me that she would be wearing my lapis lazuli bracelet in London, England I was so...elated, to say the least. 
There was not a better place that I would have wished for this bracelet to be worn.
 And Signe is the perfect person to wear and review this bracelet.

Don't you love how things work in this wonderful life.... 

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet available in The Black Star Boutique

Signe has a real knack for fashion and I love how she made this bracelet look with her dress and the other bracelets in the stack.
 {I seriously love the dress and might have to get one}

She also work my resin druzy ring in gold which you can see above in the first picture.
Click here for the ring 

Signe had the pleasure of visiting the Harry Potter Castle while in England, among other wonderful adventures she took. Please drop by her blog and take a read. 
You'll love what she puts together and you'll love her adventures, I do.

Read all about the Lapis Lazuli bracelets' adventure in London:

Photo by of Signe at The Daily Savant

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