Sunday, September 7, 2014

Banff and Legends and Ghosts Oh My!

              It's been awhile since my last post, but trust me, I have been busy.

We went away to Banff, Alberta to recharge our batteries and I thought I would share the trip with you as it marks some important moments for me in my journey.

Banff, Alberta is a gorgeous getaway & it's only a few hours from where I live.

One of the most exciting things about our trip was staying at a resort that Jason and I had put on our vision board. We created our vision board a year ago and since then we have been able cross many things off it. In fact, I have never seen a vision board manifest as quickly as ours did and for that I truly grateful.

So where did we stay?

Hidden Ridge Resort
A gorgeous little hideaway in the mountains. It included our very own kitchen so I was able to have my beloved beans with eggs that Jason cooked for me. 
It included a loft bedroom, fireplace, patio, BBQ grills and this:

With a mountain view. 

We also toured the Banff Springs Hotel on our own.
So much to look at! It is truly a castle in the mountains and has such a tapestry of history.

Above is just a few of the pictures I took. There are so many ballrooms, dining areas, and antiques I just can't fit it all in. Some of my favorites were the crests, the very strange weavings on the wall, a picture of the queen in her younger years, and...there was a washroom that truly made me think of Harry Potter when I walked in.

We could've spent hours looking and dining.
On our last trip to Banff we ventured up to the missing Room 873.
It is a room that has been taken away...well, it still exists however no one is allowed to stay in it now due to the hauntings that have happened over the years. 

Below are just a few pictures of the beauty and you can see how easy it is to get refreshed and renewed in the mountains. 

Banff has so many gemstones, you can find them everywhere. Of course I brought home hand picked stones that you will soon see in the shop.

We also decided to visit the Mineral Springs and learn about the history. I haven't really gone here before and I was pleasantly surprised when I read these:

The mineral springs is closed to the public, however at one time the native people said that they brought their sick here to heal. The magical powers of the mineral springs would cure anything. It is shutdown now as they say that the snails in this eco system are going extinct....hmmmmm.
Jason and I really don't believe them...I think they keep this precious gem to themselves.
Just a thought, but considering how much the 
springs could help many people, I do wonder.

 This is truly an interesting site in Banff to visit if you ever get the chance. It is called the Cave and Basin and you can click this link to learn more. One of the things we really loved was the ancient grotto walls in which you stand in the dead centre and speak and you can be heard as if speaking into a microphone. Above is my daughter,
I caught her on camera musing about what may have happened in these grotto walls 
and the interesting hexagon shape. 

A view from the Cave and Basin by the Grotto.

We kept seeing the UK flag and all things British everywhere we went.
See how quickly he rubs it in that his flag is the only flag flying at The Cave and Basin?
Love this guy to the moon and back.

No trip is complete to Banff without a trip to the hot springs which were fabulous. We went in the evening before they closed and had such a deep sleep that evening.

I was able to stock up on sage, the really good stuff, as I purchased mine at the Native Museum. And Jason, well he had a little journey back in time to when our native Indians roamed freely on the prairies and in these very mountains.

Jason and I are both from a part native ancestry, we had grandparents who had native parents, so we found this museum very interesting. I have had the pleasure of working and learning on the Cree reserve, Mr.British up there, has not, but he loves it just the same. My native heritage is Cree, however he is Sioux, I think, which explains a lot, lol.

Finally, I will leave you with this legend.
They call it "The Stoney Nakoda Legend of Lake Minnewanka"

I don't know, but personally because I am a Reiki Master, I have no desire to stay over night at Lake Minnewanka anytime soon or The Banff Springs Hotel {as hauntings go}.

I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous weather before the dreaded forecast of snow tomorrow.

Enjoy x
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