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Sub Demons - Sub What?

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Hey there, finally in one of my favorite positions in this business...blogging.
This is one of my most loved hats in owning my own business. I love to blog and write and give you all sorts of information and tell you all I know. I love it!

I'm not the blogger who will wisk you away and make you forget your everyday problems. My readers have come to accept that. We have little pieces of "just relax" around here from time to time, but mostly we have...
"True life, true story"

I've got a story for you. Warning: it may send a few chills down your spine.

I told you a week ago that I was going to speak on what I call "sub demons".
So, what are they?

The best way I can explain them is that they are like angels
{Just not good, like angles}

Angels work with God, sub demons work with the devil.
I'm putting it into basic terms so that everyone understands it. 
Whoever your higher powers are you can label them as such. 
We have a good vs. evil here, so use your own labels for them as you see fit.

If you were to Google the word "sub demons" you will find a lot of crap about Dungeons and Dragons and a bunch of Anime. At the very bottom of page one, you will see a message saying that "1 result has been removed...complaint". If my post gets removed you'll know why...there just isn't a lot out there on this subject that I have found.

Here is my story.

Photo by Lime Lane

When we left and moved to Sylvan Lake we found a home that was a rather large 4 bedroom home, in really great shape that the owners needed rented asap. Although, I did not want the home, we were on a schedule and here in the middle of the cold Alberta winter, there wasn't a lot of time to contemplate it, so we took it.

The very first issue I had was my uncomfortableness in the new home. The house was to massive for my liking. I thought it was just those first night jitters in the new place, feeling that I had to get used to it. But, I never ever did...that huge vastness in the house eventually turned into a suffocating small box for us. It never ever felt like home. I had a distinct dislike for our bedroom as well. For some odd reason it always felt like I was in the 1950s when I was in it, even thought it very much appears to be a modern room.

A few weeks after moving in I started to experience very strange children dreams. My fiance leaves early for work in the morning and so I sometimes sleep just a little longer. That particular morning, I was extremely exhausted and fell right back to sleep.

The dreams started...
In my dream, I was in my room, in my bed, and in the exact spot I lay in every night. Everything in my room was exactly the same, nothing different. I suddenly turned towards the door and as I remembered it, I opened my eyes to a little girl who was about 10 or 11 years old. She had long dark hair, with short bangs. She wore a pretty red dress that was like velvet with a matching bow in her hair. She had the bluest of blue eyes I had ever seen. But they had an evilness to them, and she just stared at me.
 When I screamed...I opened my eyes. 
But I thought I had already opened my eyes....

I chalked it up to a disturbing dream and stress from the move. I was a little jittery for days afterwards and didn't sleep anymore when my fiance left for work early. 
After a few weeks, though, I had forgotten about it. 

I had four more dreams just the like the one above.
Same room, same stuff, same position in bed.
However, each child was different, none of them as terrifying as the first visit.
All of the children were from another era, I could tell by the clothing they wore. 
Each varied in ages from 3 yrs to 14 yrs. and some were male, others female.

I began to get a little worried and started asking my friends on FB if anyone had anything similar happen to them. I was given some advice on what to do and I did it. It seemed to work just fine and I started to forget about the bad children dreams again.
{Note: I no longer stayed in bed after my fiance left for work anymore, I still don't}

A few months passed and we were easing into the new place, however no one ever really felt comfortable in the home. We never really sat down for a family movie night, we could never get comfortable in either of our living rooms. Everyone seemed to be tired all the time and lacking any real desire to do much. I kept wondering why we weren't enjoying this new beautiful home and why could I never make it feel like home...

Then my daughter had a massive nightmare. I would like to say she was 15yrs old at the time, so massive nightmares seemed a little odd to me when it happened. 

She had a basement room. In her dream she woke, in her own room as it was, and heard a small child crying in the laundry room, which was right beside her room. She went to look and found what she described as the sweetest looking young boy of about 3 or 4 years old. He had blonde hair. She rushed to see if he was okay, but when he turned and looked at her, he had red eyes and screamed at her. When he screamed the whole room shook. 

I remember that night because she screamed so loud and ran upstairs faster then any of us could get out bed. She was shaken up. I might add that she doesn't really have dreams that scare her so badly that she screams and needs to sleep with someone.

I was a little disturbed, but still didn't think too much on it.

Shortly after that, a candle I had burning on our fireplace mantle, caught on fire.
I walked into the room as the fire was shooting up and burning the mantle. I quickly doused the flames and still do not burn many candles due to that experience.

In March, my daughter again woke up screaming and running up the stairs. This time she claimed she seen a tall figure standing in her room by the window. It was 3am. Both my fiance and I went to look, fearful that maybe someone had broken in. Everything was secure, nothing had been tampered with and try as we might to give the episode a good explanation...we couldn't. When I looked under her bed, I can't explain what I seen in my head in a nanosecond. A face, like a mime, with blue eyes, tall, black, scary and as tall as it was, it should not fit under her bed that way! 

Photo by Gratisography

I decided I was crazy and that I must just have been half asleep and she had scared me out my wits that night. I ignored it, however in the back of my mind, I was starting to worry that something was very wrong. I smudged a lot that week and tried my best to clear the house of negative energy, but it just never seemed to feel happy.

At this point, I got a little fearful. Tall black figures in bedrooms at 3am is not a road I care to venture down. I needed to figure out what was going on. 

We decided to get a Reiki session done by a Grand Master. During my treatment, she seen the figure I had seen in my head. I had not told her anything about the house, only that I needed a Reiki treatment. She warned me that he likes kids, but she never gave "it" a name. I left with instructions on how to clear the house and then protect it. 
I was also told to protect myself and not do it alone.

It didn't work. Shortly after that, I was walking down the stairs to get the kids for school and got a faint whiff of gas fumes. I asked both kids if they could smell it, but neither of them could. I immediately told them to leave the house and called the gas company.

When the gas company arrived, he found, not gas, but carbon monoxide in the home!
Not only that, but the carbon monoxide was highest in my bedroom, on the side where I slept! The gas agent tried to find a reasonable explanation for this and gave me some strange excuse as to why. 

That was it, I had had it. Too many strange things were happening all at once in the home. No one was happy however, I noticed that when we left the home we seemed just fine.
 I rarely seemed able to concentrate on my work and often found any excuse I could to leave the house when I was alone.

Then one morning in late April, while I was working and alone in the home, I heard a crash in the living room. I braced myself, fearful that something evil lurked there. To my relief, the cat had simply knocked a picture on the floor. I laughed, relieved, reminding myself not to over react. Several hours later, I heard the same noise again in the basement. Thinking that it was again the cat, I went in search of what I had fallen.

To my utter dismay, nothing had fallen. In fact, the cat was fast asleep on the bed.

Again I felt insane. I just ignored it and carried on. 

The noises during the day when I was alone grew. At times it sounded like there was someone walking in the hall, other times going down the stairs, sometimes it sounded like someone had dropped something. It was getting to the point of ridiculous and no one else was hearing it, except for me.

Shortly thereafter, I had left my daughter home to vacuum the floors, while my son and I ran out to grab groceries, my fiance was away at work. My daughter called me crying and pleading with me to come home quickly. When I got there, she said that it felt like someone was pulling on the vacuum hose. {It was a built in vacuum, so it has a long hose}
She decided to unplug it and went for a drink of water. Suddenly on it's own, the vacuum hose plugged into the wall. She freaked out and ran outside to call and wait for me.

It was then that we decided no one would be left alone in the house anymore. No one except for me of course, lol. I work from home so it is a little hard to keep someone with me at all times. And as fate would have it...the ultimate of scary happened.

Okay, no the sub demon did not appear before me or chase me, but what happened was enough to solidify that I would no longer be alone either. 

I was finishing the Sunday baking and cleaning. Everyone else was out. It was broad daylight and sunny and beautiful outside. I had just gotten all the items I needed for smudging out and suddenly on the other side of my cupboard I heard a distinct growl. 
It wasn't a cat growl or a dog growl, or a human growl for that matter.

 It was a distinct "Oh my god, what the hell was that!!" growl.
I froze. I immediately armed myself with my white light as I had been taught to do in Reiki, grabbed my purse and put on my shoes and left the house.

And that was it, no one would be left alone anymore. Even I admitted that I was no match for this thing nor did I want to be. All the Reiki in the world would not deal with it. My spidery senses told me to leave it be. As I researched for what I was dealing with, I discovered to my utter dismay, that it was in fact a sub demon.

No one taught me this in Reiki.
The elders on the Cree reserve spoke of this, but elders deal with it.
I was not a match for the energy this thing had.

The only thing that could be done, was to do a cleansing of the house.
I could do the cleansing myself, however if I did it, the warning was firstly, not to do it alone and secondly, I was told that if I did it, my name would be forever known in the realm of demons and I would need to learn a lot more then I now know to protect myself.

I'm not Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I am not a demon hunter.
I can get rid of a lot of low lying energies and ghosts and many things I do not fear, but demons and their sub-demons, well that's a whole other realm that I am not trained for.
Not yet, anyways.

I learned that there is a special branch of priests in the Catholic religion now that have been given the title of "Exorcists". Geeze I wonder why we don't all want to do it.

With only a month and a half to go on our lease on the house we toughed it out. No one was left alone and we had lots of company in so that it was never just us right up until we left. On the day we found out we got our new place, we packed and left the very next day and we breathed a sigh of relief when we finally did not have to stay there.

During this time we heard about others who had lived in the house. They too had similar experiences and their children were often troubled by horrible nightmares. One lady's husband kept waking with scratches all over his arms, they never could figure out why. It wasn't until they left that they would admit something was not right in that home.

I pitty the poor people who bought it.
How do you tell someone not to buy a home because it has a sub-demon living in it?

Our new home is wonderful. The energy here is alive and well and we aren't dealing with horrors from the depths of hell now. That experience prompted me to be more active in trusting my gut, it prompted me to wear my protection jewelry at all times, and to delve deeper into my stone knowledge so that I am able to assist others in similar circumstances.

About a month ago, my daughters friend, who is male, started to ask questions about the home. He wanted to know what we had experienced. My daughter shared the experience, expecting fully that he would tease her, however he shared something of extreme interest with her. 

He too had a similar experience in his own home. This young man lives on the same street that we had lived on. He told my daughter that he got to the point where he would not stay home alone. He found himself getting angry lots and doing things that were out of character for him. Recently, he got kicked out of this house due to issues with his family. He confessed to my daughter, that although he hates being away from home, he is happy to not have to step foot in the house now. This particular male friend was one that no one would expect to ever admit any of this. He is extremely cocky and self confident, or at least he appeared to be. 

When we drive to that side of town now, all of us notice that the energy becomes very stagnant and lonely. There are rarely children playing outside, people do not come out and BBQ and visit with one another and look alive, everyone seems to stay in their homes. I noticed this when the spring hit and every time I came home to that place, it seemed dead and quiet and lonely. On our new street, there are people everywhere, children playing, cats and dogs running around, birds chirping, there's life, there's vitality.

We are still contemplating contacting a ghost hunting group to look further into the problem. We all believe that there is something very disturbing at play in that area.

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