Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love Letters for Sunday

Finally, Sunday.

Seems I am always working, even during my miscarriage, I worked.
Most days start at 5:30 am, not just for me, but Jason too. He's been working almost 
50 days straight and we are happy to start our time off tomorrow.

We have spent our summer working, me doing a lot of recovering and recouping too.
 That time gave me a fresh new perspective on my shop, my work, my family, and my new direction. Although the miscarriage is one of the worst things I've gone through in my life, it also has become one of the most refreshing things that happened because I was granted a new perspective on things and for that I am grateful.

My blog post yesterday was lengthy and took a lot out of me to recap those events.
 Seems since we moved to Sylvan that we have been going through a change in our lives.
 I am happy to report, I think we moved through it and we are now onto greener pastures.

It's Sunday. Let's do something calming like share a little inspiration.

Love Letters.

If this doesn't give you a little Sunday inspiration, then nothing will. 

Click Here to Watch the video. 

Vistit them Here

As I work through my Sunday, I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming week.
My press release is scheduled for Tuesday and I couldn't be more excited.
 Jason and I are scheduled for a little R and R this week too, can hardly wait.

Happy Sunday x
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