Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Autumn Jewelry Collection by The Black Star Boutique

 My new Autumn Glory Collection is now available with several designs being added each week. You can find gorgeous Autumn hues in leather bracelets and beaded gemstone bracelets.

Add some serious bling to accessory collection with the new CZ Pave Leather Bracelets

Try Mookaite mixed with Karen Hill Tribe Silver if you love gemstone bracelets

For neutral looks add white jade, black jet, or gorgeous hematite to your evening out with my line of modern minimalist gemstone bracelets.

 I also carry a wide selection of white leather and gemstone bracelets so you can mix bright hues like vibrant orange and shocking pink to downplay the colors. I love whites and greys and like to offer a variety of options in my shop for these two colors.

White leather triple wrap bracelet with Karen Hill Tribe Silver

Mix and match for different looks. 
Above, is a picture of my new white leather wrap with acai seed bead bracelets. 

Autumn Acai Seed Bead Bracelets in burnt orange, Autumn red, earthy green, and rustic turquoise for the eco chic. 
Acai seed bead bracelets were gifted to 25 high profile celebrities this Earth Day. 
These are an eco friendly choice for anyone who loves a tribal, boho look.

Visit the shop by following this link.

Stay tuned to see who is wearing my Lapis Lazuli bracelet and where it is being worn

Happy Tuesday!

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