Wednesday, May 28, 2014

diy: rose earrings

Pretty little rose stud earrings have been a favorite of mine for a long time. With wedding season in full bloom many brides will be looking for diy gift ideas for their flower girls and bridesmaids. Rose stud earrings are the perfect, handmade, pretty small gift.
Below is a tutorial to create your very own:

First you will need to gather your supplies. You will need Rose Cabochons, E600 glue, ear posts with backings, paper towel, and a nail file.

You can purchase 10mm rose cabochons from here
Snapcrafty is my favorite shop for all cabochon jewelry. You can create earrings, rings, and necklaces with their generous selection of different cabochons.
When choosing a ear stud, I choose surgical steel. I have been ordering from MK Supplies for years and I love their surgical steel ear posts. You can also order their small tube of E600 glue {I suggest the small tube as it is easier to work with}. I use 4mm surgical steel ear posts, but you can also use 5mm, 6mm, or 7mm sizes. 
Click here for earrings and here for E600 glue.
You can also order rose cabochons from MK Supplies, click here to view them.

Once you have your supplies, the process of making the earrings is very easy. Your first step is to be sure to file the ear posts for a slight roughness before gluing on your cabochons. This will ensure that your earrings stay together for a long time, if not forever...Wipe all the dust off your ear post before you begin gluing the cabochon.

I dab a small amount of E600 glue onto a paper towel, then dip my ear post into the glue. I use a dab of glue like above to do two earrings at once. 
NOTE: E600 glue dries quickly so be sure you are ready once you dab the glue.

You then glue the ear post into the CENTER of your ear post. Push down on the ear post to get rid of any air bubbles. You may have a surplus of glue around your earring, this is okay. Lay our earring standing up and allow the glue to completely dry for 24 hours. Once the glue has dried, you can simply pull off the excess glue easily. 
Lastly, clean your ear posts with hydrogen peroxide and a q-tip. You can then put your earrings into a tin as I do, a pretty glassine bag, or you can make your own earring card and add an expression to the earring card.

That's it, once you have your supplies you can make as many pairs of earrings as you like.

These earrings are a really big hit for birthday parties as well. Little girls love to open their surprise bags and see a pretty pair of rose earrings inside.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about making the earrings and I am happy to help where I can.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, as I have some very happy, 
wedding related news of my own! 

Happy Wednesday

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