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DIY Childrens Jewellery - How to Make Polymer Clay Earrings

Good Morning Lovelies

I have a tutorial for you on how to make childrens polymer clay earrings. These are a super cute idea for birthday favors at little girls parties, gifts for children, or to market and sell in your own jewelry business. 

First gather your supplies:

You will need:
- A nail file that is rough, not smooth
- An  x acto knife
- Polymer Clay Canes
- Surgical Steel Ear Posts & backings
- A small tube of E600 Glue
- Papertowel
- A Soft Cloth

To find polymer clay canes you can order them from Etsy

To purchase surgical steel ear posts and backings, plus your E600 glue I suggest this shop:

Search their shop for 4mm surgical steel ear posts, butterfly backings, and E600 glue. I recommend MK Beads as I know that they have true surgical steel ear posts. These ear posts are perfect for even the most sensitive of ears. After selling over 500 pairs of polymer clay earrings, I have never had a complaint about these ear posts hurting ears. 

I use the small tube of E600 glue as I find it easier to work with.

Step 1
File your ear posts for about 30 seconds until your leave a rough abrasion on the surface of the ear post. This is a very important step, as it is what will make your polymer clay slice stay glued onto the earring. Below you can see the difference between a filed and unfiled ear post. Do two ear posts during this step, as you will be making a set of earrings and need to have both ear posts ready. If you are making more than one pair, go ahead and file all your ear posts now.

Step 2 - Using a soft cloth wipe off the excess dust from the ear posts that was caused when you used the file on the ear post

You will be working with a very tiny surface, you need to make sure there is no dust on the ear post so that the surface is clean. Below is a 4mm ear post and a 5mm polymer clay cane. As you can see it is very tiny and requires a little patience when working with such small items.

Step 3
Cut two slices from the polymer cane that are the same width using your x acto knife
 I suggest using thicker slices, as it makes your earring more durable. 
Thin slices tend to break off the ear post easily.

Step 4
You need to work quickly during this step as E600 glue dries fast. I put a small dab of glue, enough for both ear posts, onto a piece of folded paper towel. If you are doing several sets of earrings, just work with one set at a time as your glue will end up drying too quickly to allow the cane slice to stick to the ear post.

Step 5
Working quickly, dab one ear post into the glue and then gently, but firmly, place it in the middle of the sliced polymer clay piece that you cut. Press down on the ear post so that all air bubbles are removed. You will notice glue will sit all around your ear post and appear quite messy. This is ok and should happen, as it will dry clear and you will be assured that your earring will be durable and won't break.

Step 6
Once you have firmly attached your ear post to the polymer clay slice you will need to let it dry for at least 24 hours
I put my earrings on a plate and leave them to air dry for the day. 

Although, E600 glue dries quickly, you will want to make sure that the earring is completely set before you clean up the glue that may have spilled over the edges of your earrings. 

E600 glue will simply pull off once it is dry, it will not affect the strength of the earring you just made. When my earrings dry, I often pull the excess glue off the earring, but you can just let it dry and not worry about it as it dries clear.

Once you make a couple of earrings you will see the process and be able to adjust how much glue you use. The first time I made a pair of earrings, I had glue all over, but practise makes perfect and after a few attempts you will find it easy.

When the earrings have dried, I package mine in a little tin and then into a pretty glassine gift bag as shown below.


If you have any questions about this tutorial please feel free to ask so I can help.

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