Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Building Your Tribe

 Hey There
Today's post is a mixed bag of things for me. First and foremost, a tragedy at my daughters school has set the tone on the day, so I am a bit late getting this post out.

A young boy, who was only 14 years old in Grade 9, committed suicide. They announced this tragedy to the students this morning and left the entire school community in shock. 

I went into see my daughter and her friends as soon as I heard, as her friend is directly affected by this horrible tragedy, it was someone she called her little brother and was very close to him. Upon hearing the news I immediately went to the school to check on the girls and be sure that they had someone to be with. 

Words escaped me. The only thoughts I had were about his poor parents and what they must be going through and for him. Why?

Why did this happen?

My thoughts lead me to part two of what my actual post was going to be about today.
Why are Albertans so against foreigners in our province?

On my personal FB, I had a thing or two to say about how Canada needs to pull their head out of the sand and step up their acceptance of change. But more so, I was annoyed with Albertans. Time and again I hear things that are racist and derogatory to other cultures. Time and again I hear people complaining that we have so many foreign workers in our country. I heard it one to many times yesterday and finally put it in my FB status. Of course it started a debate which turned into an all out attack on Jason and myself. Jason is from England and for some reason, one of my friends, who I thought was loyal and true, attacked a country he knows nothing about. He knew all too well that I do love the UK and that is a direct result of being with Jason.

Back up to a few days ago, when this same friend and I had a all out friendly war on my FB about whether Canada really is the best country in the world. It may be his opinion, however it has not been my opinion, long before Jason entered the picture.

I am not going to get into what was said or who was right and wrong. I was right, that is the bottom line. If you are going to give racist and derogatory comments about something you know nothing about, then I suggest you leave my FB, as I will not tolerate it.

Let me say this clearly. I embrace change, I embrace people from other cultures, and I as a Canadian, am hopeful that we will meet the challenges we face with our new immigrants with grace and dignity. I will also say that Alberta is getting an awakening of sorts as people from across the globe are immigrating to our province for work. People who were born and raised here have no choice but to accept this change. And, if a language barrier exists, perhaps my Canadian friends should learn a new language. 
I will not tolerate ignorance.
One FB friend and his wife were removed this morning. I slept on it and when I woke, I knew that I could not keep him in my friends list any longer. He had actually accused me that the government may be monitoring my comments on being anti-Canadian. Was he for real, like?? His wife works for the government, was this a threat from her. I am merely expressing my disconcernment over how Canadians and namely Albertans are treating immigrants, and I am not even speaking about Jason! I am talking about people from East India, China, Pakistan, ect, I wasn't even touching on our European friends. My original post was that people should stop complaining about immigrants not being able to speak our language, it's racist. 

 The eliminated friend took this as an excuse to launch an assault on the UK. He had no business jumping in with his two cents on what he thinks he knows of England and the UK, especially when Jason was born and raised in England. He actually tried to tell Jason how things are in England. I was appalled to say the least. I am not sure if it is the stress of his new marriage and instant family of young children within a short period of time or the fact that he is now a stay at home father, but wow, was he ever out of line.
I was in shock and very let down by his behaviour.

The above quote rings true. People change, people get weird and racist, mean, and rude. It happens. I personally cannot be in the company of people like that. I am tolerant and I am eager to embrace new things. It's what life is about. 

What I often do not understand is that Yoga is a big craze here now and you're just not cool unless you do Yoga. 

Back up. 

Where did yoga originate from? India. East Indians make up one of the largest non-European ethnic groups in Canada. Where did we get yoga from? From the East Indian culture and yet you're complaining because you can't understand their accents?? 
Doesn't make sense. Perhaps they don't understand you.

This leads me to todays suicide. 
The next time that you decide to verbally assault or put down someone, stop and think.
How could I potentially hurt this person?
What have you done lately to help someone you do not know?
What new culture have you learned about today?
How are you stopping racism in your own community?

Why is it that north american teenagers are committing suicide more and more, yet our immigrant families teens are not? Perhaps we have been given to many privileges here. Perhaps everyone is trying to fit into that box.

A message for anyone who feels the same as I do:
Don't fit into the box, you do not need to.
Do things that make you happy and healthy, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Build your tribe.

Do not be afraid to eliminate people who bring you down.
This year has been an extraordinary year for me.
Everything I wanted and then some. Who knew that if I just trusted my journey and listened to my own heart that I could be this satisfied.

What I am missing is my tribe.
I thought I had one, but I realized that I out grew most of them.
All the events of the last 24hrs makes me realize that I have yet to build my own tribe of people who think and act in accordance with good and honest intentions. 
I have never fit the mold and I never will. 
Why try to fit those into my tribe who only cause problems.


All my prayers to the family and friends of Kale.
May you rest in peace and may people learn to take care of one another and stop being so horrible and afraid of what they do not understand.

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