Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Yoga Adventures and Why I Feel So Much Better

Happy Sunday Morning x

My adventures with Yoga this week have warranted really awesome results for 
my mind, body, and soul.

Yoga is complimentary to Reiki and I have to say that although we may be Yoga Instructors or Reiki Masters, as I myself am, it doesn't mean that we are impervious to needing balance and cleansing within ourselves.

That's what yoga did for me this week. It reopened my mind. It started to balance many things that have been out of balance for me lately. I found myself cleaning up all the "to do" piles this week and actually ridding myself of the long list I have.

Jason's work as a linesman is rigorous and the schedule we have can be very draining. He gets up at 4:30am and me at 5am during work. I begin work on The Black Star Boutique and he spends up to 12 hours or more a day working on the new power lines going in here in Alberta. Jason has to face all the elements on a daily basis which can include snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and extreme heat. Being a linesman, not a linesman as we know them here in Canada, but being a linesman from the UK, 
I take a lot of pride in him for the job he does. 
I also know he gets frustrated with the inexperienced people often found on site.  

My schedule may seem easier, as I work from home, but things are not always as they appear. Since moving I am faced with a wee bit of loneliness as I do not really know anyone here. Working from home, I have to juggle Jason's work, the kids school schedules, dinner, lunch, housework, and then my own business necessities. I am very often a one woman show, going between my many hats of designer, photographer, blogger, Reiki Master, accountant, and then mother, girlfriend, etc. 

It gets exhausting. For 21 days, Jason and I do this schedule and then we get our 7 days off, which is why we often take off and go somewhere interesting. We love getting away and relaxing for those 7 days together with the kids. 

Yoga opened and reprogrammed my chakras this week. I found my mind becoming clearer and clearer. On a physical level, my posture and leg strength is better. I find that I am finding balance in my feet and "warrior pose" is becoming an inner strength that gives me goosebumps...this is a good thing. It's been a long time since I found my zest for the unknown and unseen.

I want to give a really big shoutout to Blyss Hot Yoga here in Sylvan Lake. The studio is amazingly beautiful and the instructors really make you feel welcome. There is no uncomfortableness at all. I love the studio, I love the instructors and I plan to continue going for yoga as often as I can. I also want my daughter to start going as I know it is exactly what she needs.

Yoga has brought back my Reiki Master tendencies and my office is now cleaned up, new projects are completed and ready to put into my shop, a plan for doing Reiki and teaching Reiki has come into play, a new writing project has sparked some great ideas, Custom Reiki Bracelets will be ready later on today, I've reenergized my crystals, and...I've got a huge announcement to make for an upcoming Earth Day Event that will get you excited, it includes Drew Barrymore...

So, I am in love with my life.
It's a glorious day & all is well.
Thanks goes to Blyss Hot Yoga

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