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How To Get Happy Again

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Happy Monday

As promised today starts the first of the blog posts about clearing ourselves of unwanted feelings and getting into what we really want.

I think to start we need to be really, truly honest with yourself about why you are unhappy. I can give you my own personal thoughts on this, however you will need to delve into yourself to find the real answers.

Most of us don't like to dig to deeply because we are afraid of what we will find.
Then we have to deal with it.

I can safely say it isn't that bad, trust me on this. When we dig deep and launch an assault on the stuff that really brings us down, it makes us feel better and frees us.

You need to begin somewhere, so where do you begin?

When I found myself at my lowest point over 8 years ago I stopped handling the situation like I did when I was a teenager. I took some time for me. I spent vast amounts of time alone, I did a lot walking, reading, and exercising.

I also did a whole lot of crying in hot baths every night wondering what I would do.
It's ok, it's the first step to getting happy.

The fresh air I got on a daily basis and the gym four times a week was my saving grace.
I listened to a lot of James Blunt during my walks and a lot of hate rap music during my gym time. It gave my mind a good balance, lol. Within a month, I had cleared my head enough to know that I was onto something. As my body became fitter and my mind stronger I realized that handling stress was easily done with exercise and proper sleep.

This is a first step when you find yourself in a really bad state of mind that lasts too long. Get up and do something that gets your body moving.

Commit yourself to becoming stronger, fitter, and happier.
By committing to this and making it your #1 priority the endorphins released during exercise make you better. Have you really ever seen anyone who is in good shape, get themselves into such a down and out state of mind that they do nothing but sit and watch TV and drown their sorrows? 
No. Because when you're exercising you are forcing the bad away from you.

Even if you are severely overweight and are hurt physically, you can still exercise and get to a point that you eliminate the weight and the pain. We have Google these days, no excuses, find something that fits your situation.

Step 1 - EXERCISE ^

I am a reader. I love books and I read all sorts. During my bad year, I stayed away from my one of my favorite books, Wuthering Heights, as it just reminded me too much of all I had lost. Instead I discovered Paulo Coelho. He is one of the greatest writers of our time and one of the most inspirational writers you will read. A warning, he is not for the faint of heart. You must have a deep understanding of metaphorical things and you must be ready for a new journey or what you read will just not register with you.
 I started with the Alchemist.

If Paulo is too much for you, try The Secret
What you are attempting to do by reading books like this is to change your way of viewing the world and seeing that there is another image of the world not found in mainstream media. If you're going to save yourself, you will need to take a few risks and try something new here. Staying the same will never change the things you want.

Step 2 - READ ^

I am a seeker of knowledge and so learning new tasks and having new hobbies inspires me. But, I didn't know this about myself at first. If we never try new things and we have nothing about us that makes us, US, then we will be lost. So, ask yourself, what do I like? What do I love? What have I always wanted to do?

 I am now a jewelry designer, Reiki Master, awesome cook, I can redo furniture, and I am a blogger. Hey, I can even drive a rock truck now. Did I see myself doing this 8 years ago? Absolutely not. 
I thought it unattainable, but because I was determined to learn something new, I did.

There is no excuse for sitting idle. Plant a herb garden, take a course, go to night school, build a website, skydive, learn to fly a helicopter, learn a new language...whatever strikes your fancy, just do something. In doing something new, you will inspire your mind and motivate your soul and from there you will start on a new journey in your life.


Those are three things that you can work on right now.

You can also:
Sit yourself down and start your own action plan to save yourself.

Ask yourself, what do I do over and over that drives me nuts about myself?
Whether it is staying in the wrong relationship, doing nothing about how you feel, etc, whatever it is, that is where you should start. Learn how to say no to things that don't make you happy. Make a list of the people that really don't make you happy in your life and start eliminating them. As you do, you will find that new people enter your life.

Write all this down. Keep a journal. 

There is no excuse for not being able to do any of these steps other than fear and laziness.
If you want to change something, that change must begin within you.

Here is another bit of advice. Let go of the past. You can't return there. You can't do anything about it. Live right now. You made it this far, how did you get here? Be present in the now. You cannot blame your parents, your friends, society, kids, spouse, deaths, or anything else for your situation. You have the power to change things whenever you want. You are responsible for your own happiness, no one else is.

One last thing. If you are very ill and find that you are on a lot of medication or if you are suffering from depression and have been put on medication for this I would suggest finding alternate methods to treat yourself. Too much medication can harm you. It isn't something that a doctor will tell you, they make money from you. Keeping society medicated keeps society thinking they need help all the time...

As a Reiki Master it is my belief that all disease {dis-ease} is manifest in the body as a result of not honouring who we truly are and what we truly want. When doing Reiki sessions, it is not the disease I treat, but the energetic level of where it began. At this level, a Reiki Master can help dissolve the effects of the physical disease on the patient.

Get healthy. Mind, body, and spirit. 

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Tomorrow I will share creating your dreams and how to make a vision board.
Until then, have fun making your action plan and discovering new things.
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