Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adventures and Love - Sunday Morning Revelations

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I've been suffering from a case of writer's block, maybe even a whole creativity block.
I had amazing ideas for a blog post everyday, then would just ignore my blog. I was wondering if deleting those 252 other posts in this blog was a good idea, as my content is now low here on the blog. Then I realized something. Something HUGE. 

None of those posts coincided with who I am now. Things had changed. And after years of writing about HOW to manifest the life you want. I had finally done it.

I really had finally done it.... Now I can give you content to read that is meaningful and even more from life experience then I ever imagined I would be able too.

In a year, I have managed to produce the start of the life I always wanted by just using the positive thoughts processes I have learned over the years.

Let's back up...I've been called the runaway bride. 

I've been through four engagements, 2 wedding dresses, and one wedding planned with only 6 weeks to go. Do you know how much courage it takes one to stand in the face of adversity and say, NO, I can't do this, you are not for me.

Let's face it, after that much, so called, bad luck, I gave up.

I decided to work on me and just be happy with myself.
That is how I started on the path to becoming a tradeswoman.
I was excited about that, excited and inspired. I could see myself in the trades, whether it was electrician, instrumentation, lineswoman, pipefitter or other. 

That is when it all changed. I met Jason and my life was turned upside down by love.
It took me a long time to realize that I was fighting the journey that was to be mine.
Thinking that I had loved before, I disregarded the fact that I was experiencing something I had never experienced before. LOVE.

There was no one who ever quite understood me. Many tried, all failed. Some had their own agendas, others were self centered, and they all tried to contain my soul. But I'm different. I can't get married just to be married. I can't get married for money. I can't get married because I should. I can't. It had to be for the right reason.

When I met Jason I realized why people get married.
Suddenly I had found my best friend, my soul mate. 
I seen my reflection in his eyes and my soul was stirred to awaken.
I was not being held down by the demands of another, but encouraged to soar high above everyone else. I was understood and he spoke my quiet thoughts that I never say.
What we started almost a year ago has grown into the very best thing that ever happened to me. We have each others backs. We're a team. It's the life I always imagined but never thought I would get.

I was surrounded by people who were nothing like me, nor would they ever be. Even though I smiled and laughed and fit the box, inside I felt like I might die. Meeting Jason eliminated all that garbage. Suddenly, I am meeting people who think like I do, people who I want in my life, doing things I enjoy, and waking each day knowing that something great is happening. I no longer ponder over the whys, ifs, and should haves. It all lead me here, to a more amazing life than most people get. And I know, the best is yet to come.

I finally did it.
I finally proved that you can manifest whatever you want by using positive thoughts alone.
I now also know the secret and that's what I will be sharing this week on upcoming blog posts. Brace yourself, I am about to be bitterly honest with why people stay stuck and why only the brave get the very best adventures.


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