Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Black Star Boutique Poised to Rock Hollywood

 Big announcement! 

The Black Star Boutique is poised to Rock Hollywood this weekend at the 
GBK Golden Globes PreGlobes event. That's right!

"Freedom Bracelets" made of Riverstone and charged with Reiki are set to be gifted to members of the press this weekend at the Golden Globes.
 Above is all the bracelets packaged and charged. Each was meticulously made with gorgeous energizing riverstone and then carefully packaged.

Pale Pink with Natural Litub Heishi 

Jet black with Natural Litub Heishi 

Ivory Almond with Natural Litub Heishi 

You can order yours too. Each bracelet is made to order and you may choose from one of the three colours.
Be sure to follow this link and read all about them

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