Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starting the Year off Right and Letting Go

Happy 2014!

I took a long break during the holidays to revamp.
 I am back refreshed and ready for a brilliant 2014!

I have some exciting plans for both my business and my life this year.

First, a move to a new community will happen this February. I am looking forward to living by the water and the beach. When May arrives it will be heaven!
 I will update this adventure later.

I have some brand new designs planned for February and March. I am also planning on expanding my Reiki practise and will be seeking a studio to start offering Levels 1 and 2 Reiki, along with a Masters class. 

A trip to England will happen this year. This is the most exciting news of 2014 and I can hardly wait to visit and meet all of Jason's family. With any luck I will take in London, Stonehenge, and the a few castles...it will be a very exciting trip.

I will keep the rest of the New Year plans a secret for now...this is the year that it all happens. If you have followed my blog posts {yes, those 420 posts I deleted a few months ago}, you will see that the journey has been well worth the end results that will happen this year.

Later on today, I have a huge announcement that I will make. I am starting off the New Year with something really exciting for The Black Star Boutique!

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