Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eco Friendly Acai Stack Bracelets

                             The new Eco Friendly Collection is finally ready!

Meet the Acai Bead family. Acai {pronounced Ah-si-ee} beads are from the artisans of the Amazon. Each bead is hand dyed and drilled by the Amazon artisans. Many jobs are created for Amazon families by harvesting and producing these world famous beads and I am pleased to offer these new designs in my shop.
Colours can be found in belgian chocolate brown and beachy brown sand colours. 

A casual day to night look is created when mixing coconut shell and pure white shell heishi and carries the continuum of the eco friendly line.

You can buy sets of two or three bracelets like the one above. This set features cranberry red and an earthtones mix of natural and deep earthy browns. 

Layer them!
Whether alone or as part of your arm candy stack these eco friendly bracelets mix well and you can feel good knowing your wearing an eco friendly free trade bracelet. 
You can see the new collection by following the link to my shop below:

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