Saturday, December 7, 2013

Riverstone Bracelets - The Freedom Stone

I always tend to find a favorite gemstone. I think it's intuition pointing me towards the gemstone I need at the right time in my life. Lately, everything is Riverstones.

I have created a brand new collection of gorgeous and colourful riverstone jewelry.
Riverstone is smooth round pebbles found in rivers and on beaches. The action of the water and other rocks on riverstones naturally polishes them. Riverstone jewelry offers an earthy elegance at an affordable price.

Riverstones energy accelerates change. Energizing the entire aura, it speeds the resolution of any physical or inner processes you are experiencing. Relieving worry and fear, riverstone assists in carry a heavy burden. It will help improve confidence, security, self-esteem and relationships with others. 

I would highly recommend this stone for those who have recently taken their Level 1 or 2 Reiki, as it will aid in the healing process of those two levels.

I like to call it the "Freedom Stone" reminding us to go with the flow.

You can view all the bracelets in my online shop at The Black Star Boutique

Stack them up!
Pair the black riverstone with any colourful riverstone bracelet I have in stock for wonderful colour combinations. 

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