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Make 2014 Your Best Year

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With Christmas around the corner, shopping and preparing for the holidays seems to take up most of our time. Have you thought about yourself lately?

December is an excellent month for thinking about goal setting for
 the upcoming year ahead.
As any of you who have read my blog know, I rarely use January as a resolution month. To me, the year starts fresh in May, why May? Well, I live in Canada and January is cold and barren here, it isn't an inspiring time to set resolutions in motion. When the freshness of spring returns, May inspires change for me.

That doesn't mean that I don't set in motion my resolutions, it is just that the month of May is when I act upon all my resolutions. Spring brings forth new life and long sunny days and this inspires change and focus for me.

So, if you haven't set New Year's resolutions and kept them, have no fear, it doesn't need to begin in January, perhaps you can start in May, like me.

Above is a link to an instant download you can purchase for setting goals into motion in 2014. You can begin preparing and planning now. It is a colourful and well thought out planner available at an a very affordable price. I purchased mine just last night and started working on it right away. Click the above link and get yours.

See this?
This was my resolution last year.
I kept it very simple.
Get my passport. And get out of my bad relationship.
Make a change towards what I really wanted.

I did all three. 
May 2013 was when my life changed in a way that I did not think possible nor did I even expect it. I had stopped searching for love. In my own words I said to my girlfriends, "The guy for me is probably half way across the world. He will have to come find me or wait till I get over there to find him." 
The joke was on me...

This blog was full of over 300 blog posts. Stories about my life, book reviews, DIY projects, my business, all sorts of things. I deleted the posts. All of them. 

In May 2013, I met the love of my life. He was from England, but happened to be here, in Alberta, working. We met in the most unusual way and under circumstances that no one would say "This is how you'll meet your true love..."

In fact, if anyone had told me that my love story would happen the way it did, I would have said they were lying. In the months that followed, I learned more about myself then I had in all the years I spent pondering myself and if I was doing the right thing.

I finally came to a conclusion.
I realized I had been surrounding myself with relationships that were draining.
All my past relationships were with men who were boring, self centered and secluded. Not one of them shared in my zest for life, my positive thought process, or even dreamed the things I thought possible for life. It was in meeting Jason, that my world came to a crashing halt. Falling in love for the first time in my life opened my eyes to the realization that I was not living a life that agreed with me in any way.

It was Jason who seen my passion for jewelry, Reiki, and helping people. It was Jason who believed in this dream that I believed in and could see it through to what will become our very successful business this year. It was because he loved me, for real, that I finally seen my life, for real. 

When Jason and I met he pushed my limits and my boundaries. He taught me that I had surrounded myself with relationships that were "needy". All my past relationships with males were what I could do for them. There was no mutual agreement. They took, I gave. Jason took nothing. He enhanced everything. After only a few months he knew my thoughts before I said them, finished my sentences, and we both held the same vision for a future together. 

Suddenly, my life unfolded in a way that I had only dreamed about.

So, when you make your resolutions this year, be honest with what you want.
Be specific. Then do it. I spent the last five years working towards the moment I live everyday now. You really can have what you want. Put it out there and let down all your defences and just put one foot in front of the other to get to those goals.

Have an awesome day

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