Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creating a Vision Board


Happy Tuesday!

My last blog post was about creating your best year and included the 2014 planner.
Part of my planning process includes using a vision board. You really can have a lot of fun planning your dreams using a vision board & they do work.

What is a Vision Board?
Simply put it is everything that make you happy put onto a collage.
You use your dreams via pictures and affirmations. They are wonderful for giving you a positive outlook and helping you create the world you want.

Vision boards need to be all about what YOU REALLY WANT.
This is important. 

Gather your scissors and glue and a large sheet of poster paper.
Put on a hot cup of tea and take some time with yourself.

Below is a link for you to follow:

Follow the easy steps to create the life you really want.
Feel free to share any ideas or thoughts you had while creating your board.
I'd love to see a picture once you're done if you feel like sharing.
Post them to my FB page and let me know what you made.

Have a wonderful night,


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