Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli and Other Gemstones

I love working with gemstones and crystals.
There are so many healing properties in crystals and I like to encourage others to use this holistic health approach when trying to work on life matters or physical health concerns. 

I attended my first crystal class five years ago and learned how to use crystals for physical  and metaphysical healing. I also learned how to cleanse and charge the crystals using salt, sage, and sun. Through my Reiki practice, I learned about the use of them in Chakra layouts for cleansing and balancing. 

One of my favorite gemstones is Lapis Lazuli. It was one of the very first stones I ever purchased when I visited a gemstone supply shop.

Lapis is widely used in spas for treatments. It has always been known as a "protective" stone. It recognizes psychic attack and blocks it and then returns the energy to it's source. Lapis opens the third eye chakra and balances the throat chakra. It stimulates enlightenment, enhances psychic abilities, and releases stress. 

Overall, the stone will harmonize the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. It aids in combating depression and revealing inner truth. Repressed anger or unspoken words can result in feelings of depression or loss of control over one's life, using Lapis to balance the throat chakra allows one to speak their mind honestly and lovingly. 

Lapis alleviates pain, especially for migraine sufferers. It boosts the immune system, cleanses the organs, alleviates insomnia and lowers the blood pressure.

Cleansing a Gemstone
When you first purchase a stone in any form, you should cleanse it using one of the following methods:

1) Sea Salt Cleanse - Place stone in a bowl, pour sea salt over the stone for the night. Make sure the stone is covered completely with salt. In the morning layout in the sunshine to re energize.

2) Brown Rice Cleanse - Place stone in a bowl, pour dry brown rice over the stone and leave over night. In the morning run under cool water and let dry in the sunshine.

3) White Sage Cleanse - Light white sage bundle and allow a "smoke" to set in by blowing out the flames. Run your stone through the smoke of the sage until you feel it is cleansed. Leave in a sunny window to re-energize and charge.

You can do any one of these cleanses on a new gemstone, these are also the cleanses I suggest when a customer buys a bracelet from The Black Star Boutique. Doing a cleanse will keep your stone or bracelet working for you. Cleansing should be done weekly if you have used the stone often or worn the bracelet often.

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