Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fresh Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday's blog post contained all kinds of great free printables for Halloween.
 Today's post is fun and creative alternative ideas to decorate your pumpkins.

A fun alternative to getting messy with pumpkin 
seeds and such is to spray paint your pumpkins. 
You can use all sorts of colors and get very creative with your designs.
Above and below are a couple of unique ideas from Pintrest.

The pretty pumpkins below might be more of an art then 
just pumpkin decorating. If you're skilled at details, give these
alternatives a try.

You can find the easy to follow directions for this pumpkin
project by clicking HERE

Country Living has over 37 different pumpkin decorating ideas
I choose this decoupage Halloween pumpkin.
Click HERE to find out how to do it.

This elegant looking pumpkin is from Better Homes
You can click HERE to get directions

A great idea to use this year is to carve your pumpkin using a drill.
The designs you can make are only limited by your imagination.
For great ideas visit PINTREST and find a design.

I'll be sharing my printables, display, and pumpkin decorating next week.
Stay tuned for tomorrow and I show you some fun display ideas 
using your printables and pumpkin designs.

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