Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New! Holistic Health Gemstone Bracelets

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to the updated Black Star Blog. You'll notice older posts have been deleted. Why? 

We have been busy revamping The Black Star Boutique & the blog has a new look and new content. Older content was removed and we're ready to roll out our new look. 
New designs, new ideas, new projects and a whole new perspective.

Let's start with the newest designs in the shop.
Gemstone bracelets that have been charged with Reiki.
All new bracelets have specific meanings and make great gifts.
Sensually charming authentic holistic health gemstone bracelets:

Turquoise and Silver Unisex Gemstone Bracelet 

{Calming Minimalist Bracelet}

Magnesite & Tiger's Eye Gemstone Bracelet 

 {Wealth, Deep Meditation, Kundalini Energy, Protection}

Black Lava Bead and Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet 

{Protection, Strength, Guidance, Hope}

Coral and White Gemstone Bracelet

 {Migraines, Deep Meditation, Relaxation, Opens Third Eye}

The new holistic health bracelets are unique and no two are alike. 
Each one has a specific purpose for the wearer which makes them wonderful gifts. The gemstone bracelets are charged with Reiki and then smudged using white sage before they are packaged into a lovely black box.

Follow the links above to read all about these delightful new designs and let me know what you need in a, happiness, less stress, weight loss, finances, anything.

Happy Wednesday!

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