Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Fashion Goes Holistic

Happy Friday!

Looking over the trends for Fall this year I have noticed that there is an amazing amount of gemstone jewelry. Gold has made a comeback and arm swag is in abundance.

Gemstones and crystals not only look sensually stylish when layered on the arm, they also offer holistic health benefits for the one wearing the bracelet. Each gemstone has it's own unique qualities. When you purchase a bracelet make sure you purchase it from a shop that specializes in Reiki and Energy work so you can get the best possibly charged bracelet for your needs. The Black Star Boutique offers many symbolistic charm bracelets, gemstone bracelets, and wish bracelets, all charged and ready to be worn.

My newest designs are the rare Tridacna Shell as shown below.

The Tridacna Shell is a rare, all around feel good shell. It helps with everything and I mean everything! This is the bracelet I recommend most for those working on many issues at one time. The benefits of the Tridacna shell are so numerous I will let you read more about them in the shop, just follow the links above.

Energy Bracelets also make great gifts, each with their own unique qualities. They are especially awesome for the person who has it all or for a specialized gift.

In the comments, let me know what kind of gemstone you would wear and why, what issues are you working on that might make you interested in holistic health bracelets?

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